Holistic Therapies, Coalville, Leicestershire

Cheryl Colpman - Complementary Therapist

My holistic approach means you’ll be treated as the individual human being you are, taking into account how you are feeling, stresses, symptoms, and any medications you may be on.

This way of working brings in as many or few of my skills as are needed to work towards your goals of feeling good again.

Feeling relaxed is very important too as it not only improves our feeling of wellbeing, but gets us into that space or zone where healing can take place.  With your agreement I may use guided meditation, along with drum and rattle, crystal and other power objects to help release tension and energy blocks, leading into other deep forms of healing.

Treatments are offered in my warm and welcoming therapy room in the peaceful Botts Hollow area of Coalville in the East Midlands.  If travelling is difficult for you and you’re unable to come over to the therapy room here in Coalville, Leicestershire, ‘distance treatments’ can be arranged where I work remotely for you from my therapy room.

Distance Treatments

Energy work can be carried out effectively this way, the premise behind this being that all matter (including the physical body) is energy.  We are all made of energy-matter, individual but part of the whole; connected.  Wellness, brainwaves, organs, and dis-ease are all vibrations, energy patterns. Distance healing is the transference of energy and balancing of energy which operates outside of time and space (location).

I think of it as being like a pool of water, each of us energy vibrations, causing our own beautiful, unique pattern of ripples.  When something is wrong the ripple pattern changes (imagine the ripples now distorted).  When we receive healing, waves of restorative energy are sent across the pool to help restore even shaped, healthy ripples.

 Are you highly sensitive, an HSP (highly sensitive person)?  Perhaps you feel alert to every sound or sensation, and have a strong awareness of changes within your body, mind and emotions.  Maybe you feel overwhelmed easily, or want detailed information before a therapy begins. I have a highly sensitive approach and will work with you and your highly sensitive trait so you feel comfortable with and about the therapies and methods of working.

Note that anxiety and other conditions that make you feel hyper-sensitive or overwhelmed are different to the HSP trait and would need different support.

Empowering you to play a part in your own recovery, maintenance of good health, and general wellbeing is important. I will offer to teach you simple self-healing skills and tips within your appointment session if you would like to learn ways to speed your recovery and have the tools to help maintain your health. I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher and you can learn how to do powerful self-treatments with just two days training.

If you have furry friends who need a bit of holistic care I hold an Advanced Animal Reiki Practitioner certificate. Home or boarding kennel visits are available, as are distance treatments, which pets respond very well to.  To date I have treated cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, tortoises, parrots, and goats!

Holistic Therapy

Also known as alternative therapy, natural healing, complementary therapies and 'CAM' - Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The therapies I practice encompass healing on all levels mind, emotions, spirit, body and soul; Reiki, Healing with Crystals, Nutritional Advice, Ear Candling (known also as Hopi Ear Candles), Gem and Flower Essences, Colour Healing (and Colour reading, similar to card reading but with a conscious and sub-conscious pattern of colour choices), and the multi-aspected Shamanic Healing.  I also teach Reiki, run workshops in Crystal Healing, and a new Meditation and Relaxation class, as well as Reiki Development and Share classes.

Stress and tension, illness, emotional strain, and injury all take their toll on health and wellbeing. My role as Complementary / Holistic Practitioner is to help you counteract these using various skills and therapies, to reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen and balance the body, support the emotions, ease tension, and restore healthy equilibrium to the systems and functions of the body.

I have practiced holistic medicine professionally since 1999.