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Well-being is, naturally, about being well, but also having ease of movement without pain, good digestion, healthy weight, strong and healthy immune system, plenty of energy and so on.

A Holistic approach means considering the whole picture, you as a person rather than just the bits with the symptoms. When you come to see me as a new client the first appointment is 90 minutes long to give us plenty of time for a consultation and then your treatment. The consultation process is important as it provides the opportunity to discuss why you'd like a treatment, your health concerns and to ask any questions about the therapies.

From what you tell me during the consultation and subsequent updates I will be able to tailor the treatment (or type of treatment) to your needs.

My job is to help you to relax, feel well, improve and maintain your health. When you feel well and relaxed with plenty of energy it shows on the outside. We all know that when we feel tired or unwell it shows in our face and demeanour. The reverse is also true, of course; when you are well your eyes sparkle; skin looks fresher, more supple, younger even; clearer thinking and healthy, balanced emotions shows in your mood.

Aftercare advice, treatment plan and recommendations are also provided, with plenty of tips to maintain energy and health.

Discounts are available for a course of treatments.

What is Complementary Therapy?

Also known as alternative therapy, natural healing, holistic therapies and sometimes referred to as CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I'm more comfortable with the words 'complementary' as it indicates that it complements or completes and 'natural' which implies pure, unpretentious, instinctive, accepted and working with nature when describing the type of work I do; but 'alternative' is ok too as it indicates a choice; 'this, or an alternative'.

The therapies I practice; Reflexology, Reiki, Healing with Crystals (which are the most popular, closely followed by;) Nutritional Advice, Ear Candling and Flower Essences are all Holistic, complement each other and other therapies, are natural and are also a possible choice to help you relax, feel better, heal and recuperate.

The holistic approach takes into account all aspects that make up and affect the whole person including emotions, stress, life-style, the food eaten, sleep, occupation and more.

Stress and tension, illness, emotional strain, and injury all take their toll on health and well-being. The role of a Complementary Practitioner is to help counteract these using various skills and therapies, to reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen and balance the body, support the emotions, ease tension, and restore healthy equilibrium to the systems and functions of the body.

About the Therapies

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What would it be like to enjoy true well-being? Reflexology is a therapy that works with reflex points (relating to each area, system and organ of the body) found on the feet or hands and assessing them for imbalance and then working to correct them. Physical unbalance could relate to hormones, your skeletal system, or digestion. Mental-Emotional unbalance may be experienced in your moods, your ability to cope well, concentration, or feeling stressed or anxious. Energetic unbalance affects all of these and may also leave you feeling indecisive, restless, unreal and subject to mood changes.

As a Reflexologist I assess and work to correct imbalance by gently pressing areas of the feet and respond by changing the stroke or pressure of the touch according to what I find. This signals the body's receptors and stimulates a healing response.

My professional training was with Sue Ricks in Gentle Touch Reflexology which requires no hard force at all (and is painless!); the contact pressure could be compared with making a thumb print; effective rather than vigorous. So you can take it easy, enjoy your treatment and relax.

Hot Stone Reflexology

hot stone reflexology

This treatment has all the benefits of Reflexology along with the use of heated stones to sooth tense muscles and help free congested areas such as the reflexes for sinuses or colon. You can feel the lovely therapeutic warmth when the stones are held in place or massaged over your skin. Small cooled stones can also be used to calm inflamed areas; these are also very refreshing especially in hot weather. Your feet feel relaxed, soothed and pampered during and after Hot Stone Reflexology.


[pronounced 'ray - key']

reiki treatment

Reiki is a gentle healing technique which brings in vital energy (ki) for the purpose of healing. Reiki is used for support during emotional or mental stress, to promote physical well-being, and for assisting healing of all kinds. The conditions most often treated are bereavement, transition (decision making, separation, or moving house or job for example), digestive upsets (like IBS, nervous tummy, and food intolerance), fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and stress. Reiki is a safe therapy suitable for all ages and conditions and not linked to any religious or other belief system.

As a Reiki practitioner a subtle energy flows from my hands to the client by placing my hands on or near, it is this energy that helps with relaxation and a state of healing.

Reiki - Learning

reiki treatment

What would you like to heal, if you could heal yourself? Anyone can learn Reiki, no special skills or 'gifts' are required beforehand - just the desire to heal and learn.

Basic Reiki practical skills and its philosophies are taught in classes over two days at entry level known as First Degree for beginners - those wishing to use it for self-healing and their family and friends. You may then go on to Second Degree if you wish where new techniques are taught (and is suitable for practitioners), and Third Degree also known as Reiki Master Level where additional techniques are learned. Third Degree is usually accompanied by learning how to attune and teach others Reiki and is sometimes called Reiki Master Teacher Level.

Crystal healing

crystal healing

Crystal and gem healing is often used to support emotional / mental health, for example if you felt you were lacking in confidence, motivation or direction. They are additionally suitable for a huge variety of other conditions and imbalances and can leave you feeling relaxed, calm and clear-headed.

Our own energy fields and systems respond to the energetic vibrations of Crystals (known as Piezoelectricity). As our state of health is linked with our energy we can use each unique interaction to affect both our physical and emotional health.

Crystals have a tradition of being used for healing in many cultures around the world including ancient Britain.

Ear Candling (also known as Hopi Candles and Thermo-Auricular Therapy)

crystal healing

Ear-Candling is a gentle treatment used for common symptoms such as sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, migraine, stress, earache, or excessive earwax. The ear candles are hollow tubes made from gauze-like fabric and wax infused with herbal extracts and essential oils designed to sooth irritation and promote relaxation and healing.

Ear candling does not suck out or vaporise wax from the ears; their therapeutic value is in the herbs, essential oils and gentle movement of warm air, creating a very gentle massage-like effect.

I have found the candles to be very helpful a week or so before a flight to reduce ear 'popping' and discomfort.

This treatment concludes with a gentle, symptom specific head and facial massage or Reiki treatment.

Colour Therapy

colour healing

Most of us are aware on some level that colour can make us feel a certain way. Think of walking into a room decorated in pale blue and white; most of us would think of it as a cool looking room or it may make us feel cold. Whereas a room decorated in oranges and reds would be described as feeling or looking warm and cosy.

Colour therapy utilises this innate knowledge in more depth and combines it with responses on a more subtle or subconscious level. As a qualified Colour Therapist I use a variety of healing systems including dry bathing with coloured light, visualisation breathing techniques, meditation, and precision focus colour with the meridians (as used in acupressure), chakras (energy centres), or reflex points of the feet or hands or around the joints in the body.

A colour reading can also be very useful; colour choices can offer an insight into our personalities and where we feel we are in life. During a colour healing session you will also have the opportunity to learn what your personal colours are, which can have a positive influence on your confidence, appearance and well-being.

Nutrition and Dietary Advice

diet and nutrition - tray bake

It can be hard to get all the right nutrients from our diet; diet means whatever we eat and drink, rather than a weight-loss plan. Certain vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) are essential for our health and well-being, and macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fats are also essential in the right amounts for energy, repair, growth and everyday functions of the body.

Many ailments can be prevented, improved, or in some cases cured with a good diet and correct nutrition. Fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, arthritis, insomnia and stress are just some examples of what may be improved with good nutrition.

A consultation will help to highlight any nutritional deficiencies or food intolerances which may be linked to illness, symptoms and impaired well-being. Guidance to improve the diet is offered so that eating a healthy and nutritious diet becomes enjoyable, easy and desirable!

I can also help people who simply want to eat more healthily, or are seeking a modified diet such as those wanting to change to a vegetarian or vegan diet, avoid wheat or gluten, or to lose or gain weight for example. Having the knowledge of what to eat is vital. I can help with meal suggestions, how to shop and check food labels, and to obtain the right nutrition from a practical point of view as well as enjoying your food.

Essences (Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Essences, Colour Essences)

flower essences

When experiencing emotional stress an essence can be matched to your mood, personality and the type of situation you are experiencing. Whatever the negative feelings (perhaps one or several such as irrational fears, uncertainty, feeling overly sentimental, finding change difficult) the essence is designed to support your emotions and help to bring out your strengths. For example if you feel fearful of something then Mimulus essence may be used to bring out your innate strength and courage.

The Essences are made using natural plants, flowers, trees, gemstones or even colour. Essences are easy to use by placing a tiny amount from a dropper bottle on the tongue or pulse points.

Holistic Facial

woman getting holistic facial massage

You'll know when you feel tired or tense it may have a tendency to show in your face. A holistic facial relaxes muscles, soothes tension lines and helps bring circulation and nutrients to your facial tissue and skin to refresh and nourish it. These will all help to counter the signs and even some of the feelings that go with tension and tiredness.

I work sympathetically with acupressure points and facial reflexology zones to bring an additional sense of well-being, and a light organic facial oil will be selected for your skin type to gently condition and soften it.

Ladies' PMS Special

pms treatments

Many of us suffer symptoms that are collectively known as PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. A combination of treatments suited to your own experience of the monthly cycle can really help the symptoms as they occur and in many cases reduce the severity for next time too. This means that with initial regular treatments you could obtain long-term relief.

Mini Retreat - Relax and Rejuvenate

mini retreat treatments

Imagine a day of therapy and relaxation that's tailored just for you. Choose a therapy package - each with a bias towards relaxation and pampering, or therapy and well-being - There's also the option for you to build your own day with the therapies you want. Perfect for when you need deep relaxation or to revitalise your health. The R & R day is suitable for all women of any age, great for when you need a mini-retreat or as a gift for someone you love.

The importance of relaxation can't be stressed enough.

Treatment Room

It should go without saying that all towels and pillowcases are clean and fresh, cool filtered water is available to drink with choice of tea, herb teas or coffee. The treatment room has opening windows with blinds, fan and thermostatically controlled heating which can be adjusted for each client's maximum comfort and relaxation.

There is both a couch and reclining reflexology chair with extra cushions, bolsters and pillows as needed.

Optional relaxing music, candles and aromas complete the experience.

To find out what complementary therapies are and for easy-to-read information about all of the therapies I offer please see the "what is complementary therapy" and "what are complementary therapies" sections above. For more information about each therapy, special half and full day healing and pampering sessions (Relax and Rejuvenate), workshops for self-healing, prices and more please click on the red buttons to the left.

Please feel free to contact me about any of my therapies to discuss your health needs or to arrange an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you. The phone number is 01530 831 798; if I'm treating someone the answerphone will pick up but please do leave a message with your name and phone number/s and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Treatments are in Bardon, Coalville, Leicestershire, within easy reach of Ashby, Ellistown, Hugglescote, Ravenstone, Sinope, Swannington and Whitwick. There are also special days at Jane's Health Foods in Ashby de La Zouch.

Peace of mind

I became a Practitioner in 1999 and have continued my professional training and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) each year. Each of my patient-clients is treated equally, yet uniquely so you will get the most benefit from each and every visit.

My main training in Gentle Touch Reflexology was in 1998 and I have also undertaken additional Reflexology training over the years. This includes Advanced Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques; Foot Reading, Energy Balancing; Vertical Reflexology and Hot Stone Reflexology.

What are my qualifications and what do the letters after my name mean?

MBRCP - Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners
ITEC Dip. - International Therapy Examination Council Diploma (in Diet and Nutrition)
ITEC - International Therapy Examination Council (Certificate in Indian Head Massage)
TATh - Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear-Candling sometimes known as Hopi Ear Candles)
Grad. ICGT - Graduate of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists
FE. Dip. MCS - Flower Essence Diploma of Mandala Complementary Studies
Col. Cert. MCS - Colour Healing Certificate of Mandala Complementary Studies
Reiki Master Teacher - full traceable lineage to Dr Mikao Usui

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