Complementary Therapies, Coalville

Cheryl Colpman - Complementary Therapist

Well-being is, naturally, about being well, but also having ease of movement without pain, good digestion, healthy weight, strong and healthy immune system, plenty of energy and so on.

A Holistic approach means considering the whole picture, you as a person rather than just the bits with the symptoms. When you come to see me as a new client the first appointment is 90 minutes long to give us plenty of time for a consultation and then your treatment. The consultation process is important as it provides the opportunity to discuss why you'd like a treatment, your health concerns and to ask any questions about the therapies.

From what you tell me during the consultation and subsequent updates I will be able to tailor the treatment (or type of treatment) to your needs.

My job is to help you to relax, feel well, improve and maintain your health. When you feel well and relaxed with plenty of energy it shows on the outside. We all know that when we feel tired or unwell it shows in our face and demeanour. The reverse is also true, of course; when you are well your eyes sparkle; skin looks fresher, more supple, younger even; clearer thinking and healthy, balanced emotions shows in your mood.

Aftercare advice, treatment plan and recommendations are also provided, with plenty of tips to maintain energy and health.

Discounts are available for a course of treatments.

Complementary Therapy - What is it?

Also known as alternative therapy, natural healing, holistic therapies and sometimes referred to as CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I'm more comfortable with the words 'complementary' as it indicates that it complements or completes and 'natural' which implies pure, unpretentious, instinctive, accepted and working with nature when describing the type of work I do; but 'alternative' is ok too as it indicates a choice; 'this, or an alternative'.

The therapies I practice; Reflexology, Reiki, Healing with Crystals (which are the most popular, closely followed by;) Nutritional Advice, Ear Candling and Flower Essences are all Holistic, complement each other and other therapies, are natural and are also a possible choice to help you relax, feel better, heal and recuperate.

The holistic approach takes into account all aspects that make up and affect the whole person including emotions, stress, life-style, the food eaten, sleep, occupation and more.

Stress and tension, illness, emotional strain, and injury all take their toll on health and well-being. The role of a Complementary Practitioner is to help counteract these using various skills and therapies, to reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen and balance the body, support the emotions, ease tension, and restore healthy equilibrium to the systems and functions of the body.