Reiki, Crystal healing, Shamanic healing, Reflexology, Coalville, Leicestershire

Cheryl Colpman - Complementary Therapist


Cheryl Colpman's holistic approach

There's lots of information here, or to talk to the real me about holistic health please get in touch I'd love to hear from you (phone number at top of page)

About Cheryl

 I offer a range of therapies and each offers different benefits for body-mind, emotions, energy bodies, soul, and your wellbeing generally.  If you’re not sure which therapy to choose we can talk things through and how the therapies might help you best, which might either as a single therapy or a combination. We can also discuss a treatment plan, whether this is simply a treatment when you feel you need one or a flexible series of treatments.

Please use the navigation tabs above to explore all the different therapies ranging from Reiki, crystal healing, shamanic healing, colour therapy, nutrition, flower essences (Bach Flower Remedies), and ear candling. There are also meditation classes, reiki development and share classes, and I teach / attune Reiki students and these can be found on relevant pages.


I adhere to the strict guidelines of conduct laid out by holistic professional bodies.  You can be assured of confidentiality, respect, and my intention toward the best holistic healthcare I can provide for you. Occasionally, if I feel that I cannot help, or that a different therapy might be more helpful, I will suggest alternatives.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

I keep my knowledge and practice up to date with regular CPD.  I love my practice and recognise the importance of both formal and informal learning; gaining new skills and refreshing my existing knowledge and skills.   I’m happy learning and evolving!


Medical diagnosis 

As a holistic and complementary practitioner I cannot offer a medical diagnosis nor contradict medical diagnosis or advice. The therapies I offer are recommended not as an alternative to medical care but can complement and be used alongside both conventional and other holistic / complementary treatments.

Any contra-indications or safety concerns will be discussed before a treatment commences and if you already have a serious medical condition, it’s recommended that you discuss the suitability of the holistic treatment with your medical doctor first. As holistic therapies are usually outside the training, knowledge or experience of doctors I’m happy to discuss options with them with your prior agreement.

 All photographs and images as well as text on this website is the copyright of Cheryl Colpman and must not be used without prior written agreement from Cheryl Colpman