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Crystal Curious

Introductory Workshop Crystals for Wellbeing

  • Have you got crystals at home but not sure how to work with them, what they do, or how to cleanse them for best results?

  • Are you drawn to crystals but no idea where to start, how to choose them, what to use them for?

  • Maybe you’re crystal curious, intrigued about their energy and healing potential and want to find out more.

My Crystal Curious Workshop answers these questions and lets you explore their energy, work intuitively, learn where to place them, which ones to carry, how to use a crystal layout, and more

A small, relaxed, class in a warm friendly environment

Evening class arrival time from 6.30 pm for a cup of tea and introductions and we begin at 6.45 pm finishing 9 – 9.30 pm

Morning class arrival time from 9.30 am for a cup of tea and introductions and we begin the class at 9.45 am finishing 12 - 12.30 pm


Just £20 Book with Cheryl Colpman ACHO* registered, ICGT* Graduate

Telephone: 01530 831798 email:

 I have a small stock of crystals so you will have the opportunity to add to your collection if you wish. Some of these are also available in my online shop (click on the 'shop' tab!)

 *Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations

*Institute of Gem and Crystal Therapists

“I enjoyed a really interesting and fun day and would enjoy similar workshops.”
“This has been the most enjoyable session for me; partly because reflexology has appealed to me most out of the therapies I have so far heard about, but also due to you the tutor, making it a very relaxed and fun couple of hours. You seem genuine and honest, but not too earnest either!

[Cheryl's note: I taught a session as part of a 8 week evening course, where students learnt about different therapies]”