Ear Candling

What can Ear Candles be used for?

Indications for the use of Ear Candling include:

  • Sinusitis
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches/Migraine
  • Rhinitis
  • Tension/need to relax
  • Stress and Nervousness
  • Earache (not infection)
  • Hayfever
  • Excessive Wax
  • Before or after a flight

What Happens at a Treatment?

At the first treatment a health form is completed and the treatment explained in detail.

After this you lie comfortably on your side on a couch. The lit candle is placed in the external ear-canal and is held and supported in place by the Practitioner for your comfort and safety. The candle is inserted just a few millimeters into the external ear-canal and fits comfortably due to the tapered end soft fabric and wax.

A gentle fizzing or crackling sound can be heard as the candle burns down and it may feel comfortably warm. During this time a relaxing and calming effect is often experienced.

Each candle will take approximately 8 minutes to burn down and is only allowed to burn to about 9cm / 3½" - a safe distance away from your hair and head! The candle is gently and safely removed and extinguished.

After both ears have been treated a relaxing auricular, facial and head reiki treatment is given to complete the treatment.

For those who have not experienced an Ear Candling treatment before it is surprisingly relaxing and very enjoyable. Along with the optional restful music the whole package is wonderfully soothing and rebalancing.

The Candles

The candles are actually a hollow tube made from cotton and beeswax along with traditional healing herbs. When lit they create a mild 'chimney' effect, creating gentle movement. The gentle warmth from the candle along with the soothing effects of the herbal extracts can help soften ear-wax and promote healing.

Ear Candling has often been associated with the Hopi people, however, this link seems tenuous. Ear Candling is though a relaxing and pleasant experience.

The candles I use are of a high quality and standard. I have trialled many kinds and brands and resolve there is only one that has all the following standards;

  • safety filter fitted
  • low smoke emission
  • smaller flame
  • soft and comfortable
  • Tapered end for comfortable fit

After the Treatment

Enjoy the relaxation for a further few minutes while sipping a glass of water, which enhances the effects of the candle treatment.

The therapeutic healing may continue for 24 - 48 hours after a treatment. Therefore the full effect may not be felt immediately but develop over the next couple of days.

For 24 hours after receiving the treatment it is advisable to avoid using ear drops or oil treatment (unless recommended by a medical doctor). Please also keep the inside of the ears dry by avoiding submersion in water such as swimming.

Ear Candling Treatments

Ear candling is normally concluded with Reiki which enhances the healing experience.  Although having the ear candling with Reiki is most recommended, if you prefer a shorter treatment without reiki, this is also available.  Shorter treatments are available if you have recently had an hour candling appointment with me, for your safety.

The effects of Ear Candling are usually greater with several treatments, with a cumulative effect.  To offer good value for money along with the best results a block of 4 weekly treatments is available.