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Posted by cheryl on April 18, 2017

Sacred Oils - Journey and Anointing  - deep relaxation for the soul Coming soon!

A selection of organic and wild-crafted essential oils applied in combined with a deeply relaxing meditation, aromatherapy diffusion, and soothing application to the hands and feet of quality aromatherapy oils.

I'm developing a real treat of a treatment combining a number of therapies designed to be really soul soothing.  Watch this space or follow my Facebook page to be one of the first to experience it.

Aromatherapy is often (usually) received with a massage but this is aromatherapy for the soul and essential oils are well absorbed through the skin of the hands and feet, as well as through the olfactory centre (breathing them in through the nose as a pleasant diffused aroma).  Experience a taste of how to 'journey' to ask for helpful information and then enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy, without having to disrobe, along with a deeply relaxing meditation.

A beautiful blend of aromatherapy, essential oils, plant spirit wisdom, anointing, meditation, shamanic journey, and deep relaxation in one easy therapy.  Enjoy the almost ritual like bliss in the comfort and sanctuary of my therapy room here in Leicestershire.

Case Study opportunity ‘Illuminations’

Summer 2017

The luminous energy field ‘informs’ us how to process energy, experiences, events, and what and how we intake – such as information, food.  Having stuck, old, dense energy imprints is a bit like having old programming on your computer, or an outdated app; things won’t run smoothly, work properly, and will keep doing the old thing, rather than being fresh and new, and working well for you.

Indications that you may benefit from an Illumination include

  • Feeling tired despite rest or un-restlessness
  • Anxiety, fear, sorrow
  • Feeling too ‘heady’ yet unable to think clearly
  • Unable to ‘get over’ something
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in life
  • Unable to break old habits
  • Having a feeling of dense energy
  • Feeling ‘heavy’ but maybe ungrounded
  • Dis-ease or pain that hasn’t responded to treatment

For my next segment of Shamanka training I’m looking for people who would like to be a case study.  For these sessions the work is clearing heavy and dark energy from your energy field and chakras, followed by an ‘illumination’ to replenish the energy field and chakra with healing light energy.

When the energy body and chakras are clogged with heavy energy this may eventually impact the health of other levels; mental stress, emotional discomfort, or physical symptoms.

A case study appointment is an hour and 15 minutes for the treatment and your feedback; how you feel before and afterwards, and summarise your experience of the process / healing session; please also let me know how you’re getting on later after a few days - a week.  Payment is by donation, suggested amount £20.

All case studies will be written up and submitted in an anonymous way to ensure absolute confidentiality. There are a limited number of places so please let me know soon if you would like be a case study.

I will give feedback to you and advise if there is any further work to be done (which could be as a further case study).

During the Illumination process we work with the breath and our intention to clear dense, heavy or dark energy that is imprinted within your energy body.  This is followed by bringing in new light energy.

To be a case study in this instance please contact me by the end of July 2017 by phone,  via the contact page, or message me on Facebook

Shamanic Acupressure Case studies

Acupressure uses the same points along energy lines called meridians as acupuncture but without needles of any kind.  Acupressure is much gentler and invites change and rebalance.

I’ve just begun my training and at the moment I simply need to practice running through a sequence of meridian points, and by tuning into the energy of each I will sensitively feel where balance is needed and then rebalanced before moving to the next point or set of points.  The rebalancing sequence feels calming and refreshing and a couple of people have said how it made vague symptoms disappear.  There is also a neck release treatment, again using a sequence of acupressure points and rebalancing through them.

 For anyone volunteering to be a case study for me to practice this balancing Shamanic Acupressure at this stage, there will be further opportunity to receive discount treatments as my training progresses.

Each appointment is an hour and 15 minutes and will involve a simple consultation where you’ll have the opportunity to report any current health issues before receiving either a rebalancing treatment or a Neck release sequence.

These sessions by donation, suggested amount £20 and I just ask for feedback about how you felt during the session and in the days afterwards.

Sessions take place in my therapy room in Coalville, Leicestershire, in the Midlands.

To be a case study in this instance please contact me by the end of July 2017 by phone,  via the contact page, or message me on Facebook