Discovery half day (morning or afternoon)

Find out about your favourite therapy in detail with 'behind the scenes' access in my therapy room.  This is a bespoke workshop where you can have hands-on experience of healing crystals, colour therapy, shamanic tools and practices, ear candles, meditation, or reflexology, holistic tool making and crafting.

Each session is tailored to your specific interests and ideal for one person or for a maximum of two people. It's a fun morning or afternoon of show and tell, questions and answers, and discussion, where you get to enjoy practical experience.

Here are some ideas of what is available and you can choose which aspects are included depending on your interests;

Crystal healing

  • See my working healing kit of crystals
  • Learn to tune into the energy of any crystal
  • Try tuning in to selection of crystals
  • Practical uses of crystals - healing, meditation, journeying, enhancing other therapies such as reiki or reflexology
  • Crystal pendulum dowsing
  • How to build a set of your own crystals

 Colour Therapy

  • See the colour healing kit I use
  • Find out how colour influences our energy on a daily basis
  • How we can use colour for healing
  • Working with your own colour season or palette
  • Meditations with colour

 Shamanic Tools and Practices

  • See some of the shamanic tools I use in my therapy room
  • Find out the specific uses of modern and traditional shamanic tools such as rattles, smudge herbs, healing bundles, Chumpi stones
  • What a misha carrier is, traditions, and lineage
  • Learn how to respectfully call in the directions for your own healing space
  • The spiritual nature in everything, signs and guidance

Ear Candling

  • See ear candles and the tools needed for conducting a safe ear candling
  • What makes a good ear candle
  • Learn what ear candles can do and what they can't do
  • Find out the truth about what it is you find inside an ear candle


  • What is meditation (and what it isn't)
  • What happens when you meditate
  • Why meditation is difficult... and why meditation is easy
  • Experience a guided meditation
  • Tips on creating your own guided meditation
  • How to easily meditate with focus


  • Find out what each area of the foot represents in and of the body
  • How each zone of the foot relates to emotions and thought patterns
  • Foot reading basics
  • Why holding the feet is holding the person
  • Extend this workshop to a full day (for two people) and learn how to easily give a basic reflexology stress-buster treatment

Holistic Tool Making and Crafting

  • Rattle: Make a rattle and dedicate it to a healing purpose specific or general
  • Medicine Pouch: Craft a no-sew medicine pouch to wear and fill it with sacred items
  • Medicine Bundle: Make a small medicine bundle to store small sacred objects
  • Altar building: how to create an arrangement of sacred objects for meditation, spiritual work, manifestation, or focus

Disclaimer: Please note that Holistic Discovery workshops are not formal training, foundation or qualification in the subject in any way and are designed to be interest-only for those wanting to find out about a therapy for interest or home-use. 

Crystalithic Crystal Healing Workshop

A packed full day workshop for anyone fascinated by crystals

  • Have you got crystals at home but not sure how to work with them, what they do, or how to cleanse them for best results?
  • Are you drawn to crystals but no idea where to start, how to choose them, what to use them for?
  • Maybe you’re crystal curious, intrigued about their energy and healing potential and want to find out more
  • Are stones like crystals, can they be used for healing?

This Crystalithic Workshop answers these questions and much more…

  • Explore crystal energy
  • Learn how to choose crystals for a particular purpose
  • Discover ways to find out what a crystal will do for you
  • Learn where to place crystals
  • Find which ones to carry, sleep with, and place around your home
  • How to use a crystal layout
  • Know how to choose instinctively…
  • …and how to check your intuition

 A small, relaxed, class in a warm friendly environment

Sacred Rattle and Medicine Pouch Workshop

Rattles are used within shamanic work and for ceremony, healing and journeying. Making your own sacred tools helps to develop a relationship with their spirit/energy: they are as individual as the owner.

A medicine pouch carries personal sacred objects that may be for healing, guidance, attraction, or protection. The items within your medicine pouch are ones you have sought out for their resonant vibration, symbolism or Power, or perhaps they have found you – they have come into your life for a reason.  During our workshop we will guide you through journeying to select sacred and Power objects for your medicine pouch so that you can carry them with you next to your Heart.  Throughout the years the contents of your Medicine Pouch evolve and synergise with you, providing a timeless spiritual ‘capsule’.

During this weekend workshop you will be guided through the steps for making your own sacred rattle and medicine pouch.

Being in ceremony and honouring all materials used and the spirits of those materials.

The weekend will be a celebration of creativity culminating in a personal journey to empower you and your new Spirit Allies.

What to bring: The materials for the basic rattle and medicine pouch is provided but if you would like to use a specific handle (piece of wood, natural stick) or bring found feathers, beads and so on for decoration please do, you can always add more at a later date.

Reiki Through Reflexes

also known as Reiki Through The Feet Workshop

Developed from the perspective and experience of Reflexology this is a wonderful new way to give a virtual full-body, organ, chakra, and whole person reiki treatment via the feet.

Practitioner can remain comfortably seated throughout so its kind to your posture

Open to anyone attuned to reiki with a certificate

No prior knowledge of reflexology is required

What’s included?

  • Everything you need to be able to safely give Reiki Through the Feet is covered on the workshop
  • Practical work
  • Reiki Meditations
  • Fingertip reiki
  • Summary of human anatomy covered
  • Treatment swaps
  • Reflexology map included
  • Printed workshop manual provided
  • Ideal if you are attuned to reiki but not confident about making hands-on body contact
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals wanting to learn more about ways to work with reiki
What is provided on the course?
  • Tuition in the form of spoken word, easy charts and pictures, and practical demonstration
  • Practical work
  • Ways to tune in to, access, and treat a person’s emotional wellbeing, body / stress / mind and energy
  • Ways to work if you don’t have a couch or treatment space
  • Grounding after a treatment
  • Experience of giving and receiving a complete Reiki Through the Feet treatment
  • Small group for easy, relaxed, informal learning with good tutor-student ratio
  • A printed set of notes that form a working manual
  • Herb teas and filtered water
  • Certificate of completion (with number of hours of tuition statement)

Crystal Curious

Half Day Introductory Workshop Crystals for Wellbeing

  • Have you got crystals at home but not sure how to work with them, what they do, or how to cleanse them for best results?

  • Are you drawn to crystals but no idea where to start, how to choose them, what to use them for?

  • Maybe you’re crystal curious, intrigued about their energy and healing potential and want to find out more.

My Crystal Curious Workshop answers these questions and lets you explore their energy, work intuitively, learn where to place them, which ones to carry, how to use a crystal layout, and more

A small, relaxed, class in a warm friendly environment

Dream-catcher or Shield - creation and blessing workshop

Learn to weave your own sacred Dreamcatcher, add symbolic and sacred items, to personalise your spiritual creation.

Everything you need is supplied but you are encouraged to bring your own items such as beads, found feathers, fabric, ribbons, or other tokens to give personal meaning and significance to your dreamcatcher or shield.

We conclude the workshop with sacred circle to give Thanks and sacred smudging of our dream catchers and shields 

Shamanka Midlands Introductory Weekend

Meditation and Relaxation classes

Reiki Development and Share

Reiki Attunements – learn Reiki for personal use or to practitioner levels

Many of these workshops are also bookable as one-to-one workshops, or for you and a friend please contact me for details