Sea Shell Healing

Colour, shape, and pattern of a seashell suggest how it may help align energy, singularly or along with other shells.  These are placed on or around the body in a healing session and like crystals work on the energetic levels first which then influence the emotional, thoughts and physical wellbeing. I must admit to being surprised at the intense level of energy from one particular seashell I held.

Shells from the sea have long been held sacred, used in jewellery, and even used for currency in ancient times.  Still today we use them as jewellery, or motifs in fashion and home decor.

Energy flows with seashells

Energy naturally flows according to pattern (spiral, radial, ridges, dots and lines), colour (warm hues of reds and oranges, cooler hues of blues and whites), and shape (circular, long, whole or broken).  Shells provide these forms naturally reflecting the needs of the maker, environment, and planetary movements.

Healing with Seashells

For healing purposes sea shells are placed on and around the body in a very similar way crystals are placed during crystal healing; to provide subtle energetic influence on our own energy systems.

They are chosen intuitively and with knowledge of the energy of their particular shapes, patterns, size and colour, according to the adjustments required by our chakras, meridians, and aura.

When we tune in and match energy deficiency, stagnation, excess, or mis-direction with a Seashell with energy to counteract this, the human subtle energy flows have the opportunity to realign and flow with vitality.

Why heal with sea shells?

I have often incorporated shells in my medicine wheel or altar to represent the element of Water. Seashells as part of a healing seemed a natural thing to do for me, an extension of working with crystals, stones and other ‘power objects’.

The human body akin to Mother Earth

Our physical body is composed of 60 – 80 percent water (depending on age and part of the body) (an average of 70 percent).  Oceans and waterways cover a remarkably similar ~70 percent of the Earth’s surface.   The other ~30 percent is made of minerals, proteins, carbon, air (gasses), and fats (all elements provided by Earth).

Ethical Sourcing of sea shells

The sourcing of sea shells proved to be a little difficult.  It’s important to me to use shells that have not become available because their occupant was purposely killed in any way whether for food or simply to collect their shell.  Similarly I didn’t want to buy from a source who also sells star fish (unfortunate animals killed purely for decorative purposes).

Not only do I feel I have no right to cause unnecessary harm I believe the disharmonious energy created with violent sourcing will be imprinted in the sea shells energy – an element we clearly don’t want in a healing situation.

This has meant that the only sea shells I use are ones I have collected in small quantities washed up on clean beaches.  They are then carefully inspected (to double check no-one's 'home'), thoroughly rinsed and washed.

As a thank you to Mother Earth I also conduct litter picking from the same (and other) beaches.

I've also been gifted a small number of previously sourced shells and these are energetically cleansed as well as physically washed and I have tuned in and asked how to energetically and spiritually recompense for any harm originally caused (eg sending healing).

sea shell collecting on a clean beach seashell healing with Cheryl Colpman