Crystal Healing

Healing carried out by distance energy connection

With an understanding of what your focus and goals are for your healing I begin by connecting and tuning into your energy.  Crystals selected and are placed singly or in groups, grids, or layouts.  On average I may use 7 - 10 crystal placements and in a typical session between 10 and 25 crystals are used.  These are energetically cleaned after each use.

The specific crystals used are chosen or come forward according to the needs you describe during your first consultation and subsequent updates (these could be problems, symptoms, or life goals for example), and by assessing your energy field (aura).

How to prepare for your distance healing.

Your appointment time begins with a consultation by video followed by off-video crystal placement healing.  Allow an hour and a half for your first appointment and one hour for subsequent ones with treatment time being about 40 – 45 minutes.

Prices and how to book

Advice on Using Crystals

I can also offer advice about which crystal to carry with you, to meditate with, to help concentration and focus, or placement of crystals in your home or work-place.  I have some ready to use ‘kits’ available – for example for ‘grounding’ sets (supporting feeling ‘with it’), and ‘sleep grid’, as well as bespoke ones like for  feeling calm, or energy protection as well as single crystals.

Crystal essences which come in a dropper bottle (similar to Bach Flower Remedies) can also be made for you to have ‘doses’ of crystal energy each day whenever you choose.

Crystal Attraction

If you feel drawn to crystals, are curious about having a treatment, are sensitive to energy, or very intuitive its worth exploring crystal energy.  You might begin by picking one or two up, see how you feel.  An introductory workshop will help you learn how to work with crystals and sense their energy, choose and work with them, or try a crystal healing session for yourself.

How will I feel during and after the healing?

Most people feel very relaxed, calm and energised, or you may notice how the body feels as it re-adjusts to changes in its energy centres, pathways and fields. These may continue after the session for a few days and it can be helpful to make notes of any changes you notice to discuss at your next session.

It’s always beneficial if you can rest after a treatment and be gentle with yourself but you should be fine to continue with your day.

Cheryl's crystal discovery and training

My first experience of crystal energy was at a short workshop at a Leicester college which I went to as a filler, part of a holistic day I’d gone to for the food session.  We each held a certain crystal and were all chatting interestedly about it, then we handed them in and all held a different crystal.  This time we all sat pretty much silently.  The workshop leader asked us to say how we were feeling.  The first crystal had us feeling uplifted and outgoing, the second crystal introspective, quiet and ‘deep’.  The mood changed literally in a minute.  I was astounded but there was no denying how everyone had responded, with no preconceived ideas at all or influence from the workshop leader, but to simply holding a crystal.

[We all livened up again as we tried other crystals.]

Cheryl's training

My name is Cheryl [pronounced Sheryl], I've always been interested and drawn to stones and crystals.  I realised crystals can influence mood and energy in the 1990s and trained and qualified as a professional crystal healer in 2004 and 2005, passing exams and criteria set by the ICGT - the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists.

I love working with crystals and am constantly learning more, experiencing and working with crystal energy.

I'm an Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations Registered Practitioner which means ACHO has verified my level of training (a 2 year course), the standard of the school I trained with and that my professional development is ongoing (CPD).