Distance healing

Several therapies are offered as distance healing; Reiki, Crystal healing, and Shamanic work

Information about each of these individual therapies can be found on their page by clicking on the links above.


Distance healing can be offered as an appointment just like an in-person one and the healing can be sent in real time.  For example we arrange that I will do the work at an arranged time and date and you ensure that you are available –ie make yourself comfortable somewhere where you won’t be disturbed eg turn your phone off for the duration.

Afterwards we are in touch to report what happened during the session and give feedback, similar to if you are here in the therapy room.

To book your distance healing or an initial chat to decide if it’s right for you please get in touch in the normal ways.

How does distance healing compare to in person healing appointments?

With an appointment in person you are coming out of your familiar surroundings which for some may be chaotic, associated with stress, or inability to relax, to a dedicated place for relaxation, stillness, and healing.  Talking face to face can be therapeutic and easier to talk and off-load in confidence to someone other than friends and family.  We can get round some of this for a distance healing by using phone, text, or video chat.

Feeling the gentle touch of hands-on healing, hearing the sounds of rattle or chime, hearing and feeling a drum beat are things that only an in-person healing session can provide.  However, sensitive individuals still ‘feel’ the healing as it happens as this case study shows:

Case study 1 – distance healing using shamanic tools and techniques

I’d done a couple of distance healings for Bev [not her real name] and although we had kept phones* handy in case we needed to communicate before the end of the treatment we’d not needed to.  The healings had so far involved a fair bit of drumming, rattling, and deep work.   Bev had reported that it she had felt things shift and that after each session she felt more able to move forward in her life.

On the next occasion the session was all very quiet, no drumming or rattling, and I was using crystal placements.  About half way through a set of crystals had been in place for over 5 minutes and I got a text saying ‘either you’re being very gentle or I can’t feel anything’.  I texted back and explained what the difference was.

Afterward Bev reported she was feeling lighter and her energy felt better.

Case study 2.  In the second example Charlotte [not her real name] had felt unable to breathe deeply and fully, with a frequently racing heart.  She had had medical checks and there was nothing they could find or diagnose and dismissed her, saying to go and relax; it could be anxiety.  This hadn’t helped and it was hard to relax because the symptoms sometimes got worse when reclining, walking, or doing anything, even gentle, non-stressful activities, or could start randomly.

During the healing there was a sense of having a very heavy weight gradually lifted from Charlotte’s chest and abdomen followed by a sense of release of constriction around the heart.  Breathing became easy and natural again and the heartbeat was normal and steady during the treatment, and although further work was needed the relief continued.

Distance healing means that I can offer healing wherever you are, in the comfort of your own home, if you are housebound, temporarily can’t travel, live too far away, or are away on a business or holiday trip and find you need a healing session.


Often the healing is booked and arranged by the person receiving the healing.  Treatments can be arranged for relatives and friends too but this must be with their knowledge and consent.  However, if a person is unable to give informed consent in some cases healing can be sent to situations instead – please get in touch to discuss.

Informed consent is where a person fully understands what they are choosing to consent to.


Distance healing for pets and animals can also be arranged and consent is obtained from them as I tune in and ‘introduce’ myself energetically.  For sick animals a Vet’s consent must be sought and a sick animal must receive veterinary attention.

Please see the Reiki Animals Pets page for more details

How can distance healing work?

We are much more than our physical bodies, we also have an energy field which is affected by stress, thought patterns, external energy, the environment, what we eat, consume, or absorb, as well as our physicality.  Love, compassion, music, sound, kindness, pure coherent energy (eg from crystals), and healing also affect our energy field.  Add to this the concept that time and space are illusory (stepping into quantum physics with that one, so I won’t attempt to explain that!) – there is no separation - we come to the conclusion that distance healing is not only doable but just as real and practical as healing in person.

Group Healing

Free of charge reiki distance healing can be requested and I will send healing generically a couple of times a week.  Often after recovery any requested healing is forgotten about (people rarely think about a headache when they don’t have one any more). I’m happy to keep sending but to avoid an accumulation of who I am sending reiki to (who no longer need it) I will send for one month and then it should be requested again if it’s still required. 

To request free healing please ask at your next appointment or use the form on the contact page.  Please include the name of the recipient, whether that is you, someone else, or an animal (say what type), reason for the request, and whether the person has given informed consent to receive healing or not.

* Phones are normally switched off or kept out of the therapy room due to the energy they emit.  For situations like this I turn off WiFi and set the phone so that I only get alerts from that one number.

Please remember that holistic treatments are never a substitute for medical help