Distance healing

Intuitive healing

Tuning in to both your energy and what you have asked for help with I intuit or am guided to use Reiki, crystals, colour frequencies, sounds, Bach Flower Remedies, or other healing tools.

Each of these healing modes can also be individually booked or requested.

These are ‘passive’ in that you don’t need to engage on a conscious level to receive the healing.

Shamanic healing

I will guide you through an unscripted framework to help you release blocks, remove intrusions, and bonds; release emotional wounds and traumas, and heal these wounds; bring back lost Soul parts, and re-empower you with lost energy. This is often followed by a passive healing allowing you to relax and integrate the healing that has taken place.

Advice and guidance sessions

This is a video meeting session for when you need nutritional and food advice; holistic council (for example guidance from a reiki or shamanic perspective); holistic conversations; guided meditation or Journey; or emotional support with Bach Flower Remedies or Crystal and Gem essences. 

For guidance with an oracle card reading I may do this over several days building the picture with layers of card spreads which I send by email to you.

The very beginning

You’ve found my website, perhaps by searching for energy healing or specific help, or maybe a friend has passed on my details, or perhaps ‘by chance’... guided here.

Whether beginning your healing journey or taking your next steps you may feel drawn to work with me, or curious to find out more. 

Does this feel right, would you like to arrange your appointment now, or would you like to book a ‘meet me’ free 15 minute video meeting (or phone call) before booking your healing session?

Prices and how to book

How to prepare for your distance healing

How does distance healing work?