How Does Distance Healing Work?

The human energy field is affected by internal influences (like emotions, thoughts, chemistry, hormones…) and external effects (like electrical fields, pollution, environment, other people…).  If these influences are unpleasant, intentionally damaging, or inappropriate, and goes on for long periods we may feel or become unwell.  Physical, mental, and emotional distress and dis-ease may start within the energy system even before its manifestation as recognisable symptoms.

Our energy field naturally fluctuates all the time - a bit like chameleons and cuttlefish - for us humans our energy field is invisible to most people but nevertheless changes when we are distressed, delighted, or attempting to engage with someone.

When our energy is disrupted for a longer period of time or a from a sudden event chronic stress symptoms, feeling low, like we are not all here (part of us feels missing) or physical ill-health can follow.

Examples of these are;

  • Ancestral patterns
  • Pre-Birth or birth itself
  • Parents or our other carers
  • Childhood trauma
  • Accidents
  • Bereavement
  • Energy disturbances
  • Work or home stress
  • Fear
  • Neglect or unwanted encounters

Energy can be beneficially influenced in a healing session with crystals (which have a stable, and reliable energy - they are used in watches for this reason), Reiki (channelled Universal energy), shamanic tools such as sound and smudge and healing, and essences (like the Bach Flower Remedies).

We trust in unseen energy and forces on a daily basis such as gravity, WiFi, mobile phone signals, and satellite transmissions.  These require something physical (the Earth, or equipment) and energy impulses transmitted and received.

With energy healing you and I are the physical aspects and healing energies are sent and available to receive. For this reason physical proximity (ie being in the same location) isn't necessary and distance healing can take place.