Ear Candling

Please note I'm no longer offering ear candling, however, please read below for options:

Ear candling alternatives


Reiki given to areas of the face, ears and neck by gentle hand and fingertip placement can be a really soothing way of working with the typical indications for ear candling; sinusitis, tinnitus, headache and migraine, rhinitis, neck tension, stress, non-infected ear-ache, wax problems and other ear / sinus symptoms.    

Aromatherapy Through the Reflexes 

Essential oils can be very beneficial for the same symptoms that you may be seeking ear candling for; headache and migraine, sinusitis, congestion, tension, stress, and anxiety.  Aromatherapy through the feet and hand reflexes is an enjoyable and therapeutic treatment using essential oils and reflexology techniques combined.

Hot and Cold Stone Reflexology

Using the smallest basalt stones heated or cooled before application to the reflexes can bring relief from sinusitis, headache, tension, and congestion.  Stones can also be placed directly around areas of discomfort to sooth and release.

These techniques can also be combined and I can tailor the treatment for you.  We can discuss what would benefit you most beforehand with a free telephone consultation or when you are here for your appointment

I am fully trained and qualified in Indian Head Massage including facial massage, Aromatherapy through the Feet, Hot Stone Reflexology, and have been practicing reiki for a couple of decades, and trained as Reiki Master in 2003.