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Posted by cheryl on April 18, 2017

Father’s Day

Our Sun is considered a masculine energy – referred to as Grandfather Sun* - so it’s fitting that on consecutive days; Sunday (20th June 2021) we have Father’s Day and Monday (21st June 2021) is the summer solstice.

If you can be with your dad on Father’s Day, whether virtually on a screen or in person, I wish you the most wonderful time of celebration, joy, love and gratitude.

For those of us who can’t my heart goes out to you… here are some ideas, ways of navigating through…

If temporary circumstances means you can’t be with Dad make plans with him to postpone to another day to celebrate; or send gifts, cards or letters in the post (Royal Mail do contact-less parcel sending now; you just need internet access and a printer), and chat on the phone

In situations where he is ‘there but not there’ - perhaps unwell, for example Alzheimer’s, or stroke, then you can still connect by writing a letter** or poem (these don’t have to be sent but if they can be read or shown to him some part of him may understand and be touched).

Sing to him or talk to him as if he were there, tell him jokes or about your life.  While these are mainly for your salve and can feel very powerful and helpful, in shamanic or energetic healing terms using your intention to send out to him will reach his higher self, spirit or soul.

If Dad has passed away you may like to make a memorial for Father's Day.  It’s common to put flowers on a grave or round an urn of course… or you may also want to make Father's Day altar or memorial table with photographs and other special items that you remember him by.  Here you can place flowers or herbs from the garden, a poem or letter written to him, and talk to him.  Making a photo collage and putting it into a frame for the wall, or screen wallpaper on your mobile or laptop is an idea to have something around for longer.

For those who don’t, or did not, have a good relationship with their dad then Father’s day may feel like something to ignored and avoided.  We can though acknowledge (to ourselves) that he co-created you in this physical form, that you have learnt from him how not to behave, and find solace that his higher-self or soul does not / did not intend to harm and that his behaviour in this life is from his own wounding. (For help with forgiving (freeing yourself) and healing difficult relationships Shamanic Parent- Child healing can be beneficial).

*Grandfather Sun takes care of the year and the days (and along with Mother Earth the seasons), while Grandmother Moon takes care of the months (moonths) and the tides.

Father Sky and Mother Earth created our beautiful world in which humans are a synergy.

** To ‘send’ a letter to someone who can’t receive it in the physical world (if they have passed away, or are 'there but not there' it can be placed into a fire especially set for the purpose in a simple ceremony.  (Fire Ceremonies as part of a shamanic healing).



Your body is beautiful, how can it not be when it is so forgiving (even with poor fuel, long hours, and toxins), works so hard mending you and fighting off illness, even while you sleep your drum beats, it digests and detoxes, makes new cells and carries out maintenance.
Your body echoes your emotions, thought patterns, and your ancestors.
Genes switch off and on daily, not all are fixed and inevitable.
Your body encases, embodies, Soul and Spirit so you can experience this 3D Life to live and learn.
Are you the best version of yourself you can be? What could support a more authentic, healthy, happy you?
Take time each day for still moments, appreciation and gratitude
Choose vibrant food and avoid anti-nutrients
When you choose to have the things that are 'naughty but nice' really enjoy them, savour them and let them nourish you on other levels
Be discerning, everything is a choice; consult your inner Wise Woman or Wise Man
Know when to be the Bison in the herd (safety in numbers), or the Wolf in the pack (co-operation - "the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack"*), or the 'black sheep' (one of the few who do not run with the terror of the others only to plummet from the cliff)
Reflect, take time to check what is working and what to change
Meditate, have Reiki, be in Nature, ask for help when you need
Be Heart centred whenever you can, seek ways to make whole your 'hungry ghost' so that it has no need to feed from others
Eat, connect with your spirit within, Love, and have fun
~ Cheryl ~
*Rudyard Kipling


Distance Reiki for Level One

Many people think that distance healing can only be done from level two, and it’s true that this is a focus at the next level, however, you can do distance healing at level one.

Here’s a lovely way of carrying out distance healing.

It’s respectful to invite the intended recipient to receive reiki – gain informed consent.  However, if this isn’t possible then know that the reiki will be presented to them and their higher self will choose to accept or not.

You can also send to a situation, for example a natural or man-made disaster, or places in conflict.

Begin by giving yourself some reiki, perhaps creating sacred space with Joshin Kokyuu Hô. 

When you feel relaxed and centred bring to mind the person or situation

At this point you might like to visualise the person or situation (or an idea of what the situation looks like) then imagine them or it being able to magically fit into your hands – even the whole of planet Earth can fit – either they shrink down or maybe your hands grow large

Rest your hands comfortably, perhaps cupped together, with them inside your hands and give reiki

Let the reiki flow as you intend that the healing reaches them, surrounds them, and is there for them if they accept it

Remember that reiki raises vibrations and works for the highest good – this may not be what you expect, or thought would or should happen.  Accept this as none of us know the bigger picture.

When you’re ready to finish allow the image to float away, intend that the healing is completed and bring your hands into Gasshô and give thanks.



Should reiki levels be combined to fast-track and save money?

As a Reiki Master Teacher, here’s my thoughts and why I don’t feel it’s the right thing…

Imagine a scenario where you have never driven a car before but you’d like to get your license pretty quick as you’re keen to get in the road and drive an ambulance.  So a driving instructor has you filling the tank of a brand new 3 litre power truck, then gets you behind the wheel, tells you what the pedals do, how to steer, and change gear - all in a few days.  After that you can get your license and advertise as an ambulance driver.  This would be a crash course that could be literal, and doesn’t prepare the driver well enough for possible road conditions.  Neither would it fill the patients who would be travelling in the ambulance with confidence, or get them the healing journey they need.

In the case of reiki, as a beginner (level one) you are opened up to be a channel of reiki (with four separate attunements) and I guide you through what to expect and how to live the reiki so that it truly supports you.  You would also be shown how to give a full safe reiki treatment to your nearest and dearest, along with suggestions on how to make this a truly nurturing experience. 

The course time for this is a day and a half (or equivalent - around 8 - 9 hours) so still pretty quick, and is available to anyone with no prior knowledge or experience of reiki as a healing system.  The following weeks and months are for you to process the energy you’re now connected to (including enjoying self-nurturing treatments, along with the theory and practical sides of reiki.  As your Reiki Master Teacher I would continue to support you if you have any queries about any aspect of your reiki journey.

After this you may want to progress to level two which may* be done within a few months after some practice (self-treatments are especially important) and your confidence grows.  (*Or you choose to stick with level one, or feel ready for level two after much longer.)

At level two I would introduce you to three sacred symbols and explain how each are used both in your own everyday life and for healing. 

I teach more about how to work with others and support you through case studies while you continue to learn and become confident and ready to go into competent professional practice should you wish to.  This level is taught over two days (around 10 – 12 hours) and is available to anyone who already has their reiki level one (or higher) certificate (from me or another Reiki Master Teacher) plus supported / supervised practice time.  As with level one as you Reiki Master Teacher I would continue to support you with your reiki journey.

The reiki equivalent to the driving scenario is level one and two combined where the student goes from having no experience in energy healing and is not a reiki channel to suddenly being connected directly with reiki source and is presented with all the information needed to work with others, (use of symbols, what to expect in practice, how to deal with challenging scenarios and so on). 

To combine levels would mean reducing the time to less than the two courses would be separately (otherwise the lure of a combined course is negated) so this would mean either less content or crammed and rushed through.

The reiki crash course would not have the potential to be a literal crash as in the driving example but I feel the condensed nature wouldn’t equip the student to confidently and competently go from complete novice to practitioner level in that short space of time. 

The amount of new information and new energy that is presented to a student at each level is enough for that level.  Reiki core teachings are covered along with how to ‘be’ with the reiki.  To combine levels would seem to bombard a person with both information and energy.  I’m a fan of metaphors so here’s another one – it’s like going to a restaurant and getting large portions of each course brought to the table in one go and being told to eat it all up for breakfast.  There is only so much you can digest…

I respect of course, all Reiki Master Teachers who do have confident and successful graduates from combined courses; students are attracted to the right Reiki Master for them. 

Keeping reiki levels separate is more the traditional, original, way and allows time for evolution between levels for each student.  I find that this is also an easier way to learn and to reap the greatest benefits afterwards with a reiki way of life.

Reiki blessings


Reiki Master Teacher


Food of the season

As soon autumn is here I renew my delight in food.  One of my autumn favourites (that only gets a look in in summer for birthdays) is spiced fruit cake.  Here's one of my recipes (vegan of course)...the cooking time varies with the gusto of your oven. 

(This recipe is wheat-free - I haven't tried it with wheat flour but I've been told it works just fine).

Cheryl’s lovely wheat-free Courgette Cake

This is a lovely moist cake that’s quite quick to make. It is easiest when done in a food processor but can be done by hand in a big bowl.

3 tablespoons linseeds, ground

4 tablespoons plant milk (or water)

9 oz courgette, peeled

100ml olive oil

4 oz brown sugar

4oz gram Flour

4 oz brown rice flour

1 tsp bicarb

2 tsp cream of tartar

½ tsp nutmeg

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp ginger powder

4 oz mixed dried fruit (like raisins, sultanas and currants)

Extra plant milk to mix if needed – depends really on the water content of the courgette.

Line a loaf tin with a shaped greaseproof paper.  Make an oblong for the top of the cake to keep it from going too brown.

Pre heat the oven to 160° centigrade or gas 4.

Mix the ground linseeds with 4 tablespoons of plant milk in a small bowl.

Peel the courgette (the peel can be refrigerated and used in a savoury dish later) and grate in the food processor.  Change the grater attachment to the stirring one.

Add the oil, linseed mixture and sugar to the processor bowl and mix briefly.

Sieve the dry ingredients into a bowl and then add to the processor.  Add the dried fruit.  Mix  using extra plant milk if necessary to give a thickish pouring consistency.

Put the mixture into the prepared tin (it will be quite thick but should level itself off). Add the additional oblong of greaseproof paper.

Bake for around 25 - 50 minutes until a skewer comes out clean. 

Lift the cake out of the tin in its paper and cool on a rack.

When cool it can be kept in a box for a couple of days.

© Cheryl Colpman August 2009 onwards


Summer Solstice

Cheryl 19 June 2020

Litha – Summer Solstice 2020 along with the New Moon. 

My summer solstice altar is filled with candles and warm summer colours (see my video on how I built my altar). 

A time of fulfilment and gratitude, joy and celebration.  Although this has been a (to put in mildly) challenging year so far, there is much to be joyful about and we can celebrate the rich abundance of fruit, foliage, summer salads and vegetables; all the wonderful things in our own life, and the community kindness that’s shown itself globally (despite, and because of, the many challenges).

Midsummer and half way through the year… After the solstice the days begin to shorten, like a turning tide, but winter is a very long way off so now we celebrate all that is bountiful and good.

Because of the New Moon on the 21st (7am) this is also a time for new projects, developing ideas, stating intentions, and affirming dreams and goals.

Wishing you luck, fulfilment, and much love


How I built my 2020 midsummer altar

I wanted to share with you how I build my altar in this short video, hope it inspires you to build yor own altar or focus table I usually begin with colour choice if I'm using cloth or backdrop. Litha is a fire festival so I've got lots of candles in warm colours; the crystals I've used are sunstone, golden topaz, carnelian, and red jasper; baubles - a sunflower and fire; a wooden oak leaf represents the 'Oak King' the waxing part of the sun year. I'll also add my 'moon bauble' turned to the new moon side.

Shamanic Easter

Cheryl 10 April 2020

Good Friday (known as Long Friday in some languages)

A day symbolising sacrifice; linking in with the Christian calendar commemorating Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.

Remembering that when we pull together, what we are sacrificing now is helping us through our current situation the best ways we can…

This Easter I’ll be focussing on doing different enjoyable, fun, things to the other recent days at home… remembering that the sacrifices of NOT going away for the weekend, or for a picnic, or visiting kin, or for a long walk – are temporary so we can all re-emerge – safe and maybe better than before.

Have a good Easter weekend

Easter Sunday

The Christian day of Jesus’ resurrection – symbolising hope renewed, new beginnings - a joyful day

In my shamanic traditions the direction of the East(er) is a place of new beginnings, fresh perspective, dawn of the new day, rising sun, springtime, potential, hope renewed, birth of new ideas and new ways of being.

It is the Direction of Eagle who shows us a different perspective – gliding high above and can show us the bigger picture – helps us with our way forward – and may show us that things are not as we have thought them to be from our lower perspective.

Here’s to a bright beautiful future

Cheryl 24 September 2019 


The imperfect is perfect

So many of us seek, and wait for, a state that makes us happy –

  • It will be alright when…
  • When xyz has happened I can relax
  • Then I can be happy
  • After that I’ll have time for myself
  • It’s alright for you
  • If only
  • I wish my xxx was as yyy zzz’s (eg I wish my house was as tidy as yours)
  • I don’t have the xxx like yyy does (car, baby, well behaved children / dog, go on holidays, nice garden, health…)

Waiting for everything to line up

Waiting for everything to line up before we allow ourselves to be happy, relaxed, stop worrying is a folly.  Everything is already perfect, NOW is the time to grant ourselves permission to ‘be’ rather than forever in the side-lines of nearly.

I’m constantly working on this, reminding myself of this.  Here’s ONE of my examples: laundry.

  • I *love* it when I have done all my laundry and it’s all dry, folded and away 
  • I *don’t love* it when;
  • There are things in the laundry basket (it’s nearly full but not enough for a load)
  • There are things ‘on the chair’ (things worn but not dirty enough for the laundry basket)

Occasionally, rarely, all my stars line up and the laundry basket, the chair, the washing machine, tumble-dried, washing line, airing rack… are all clear.  I’m overjoyed as I fold the last thing and put it away… Only to be ready to get dressed or changed for bed and have the anti-joy of spoiling this fleeting perfection.  (The whole of Life is like that.)

The point is, Life IS a constant of almost, not quite, never, nearly.  When we ditch the wishful, wistful, or envy, are free to love what we have, love what already IS, and appreciate, feel gratitude, joy, and delight.  Now is that time.

Perfection now

This doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to achieve, improve, get my laundry done… what it means is that I intend to be happy in this moment, to relax today, to self-care today. I am reminding myself that right now in this moment of Life’s chaos and imperfection I am, and everything is, perfect.


Cheryl 13 March. 19

Bay Leaves in Ritual and Creating Sacred Space

Bay Leaf harvest

I trim the bay tree / bay bush and save the branches during routine pruning, cutting the leaves off afterwards or I may cut individual leaves both for cooking with, or for preparing for smudge / ritual use.

Either way before beginning with the secateurs I set my intention and focus on the Bay, let it know what I intend, ask permission and give thanks.  My whole garden has never had weed killers or pesticides so I feel confident that what I harvest is as natural and chemical free as possible, even though it can’t be certified as organic.

Drying the Bay leaves

Once I have the leaves I wash in clean cool water, again with gratitude, then lay out on fresh tea towels and pat dry.  The bay leaves are then placed on another dry tea towel on a flat surface like a tray or a plate, loosely covered and left to completely dry.

If it’s important that the leaves dry flat I may place a light weight on them such as another tray, ensuring they get enough air not to spoil.


Once the bay leaves are completely dry I store them in jars or for short term use maybe in a cotton or velvet draw-string bag, or a wooden box.

Using the Bay Leaves in Ritual or Ceremony

I use bay leaves for many gentle rituals such as prayers, offerings, gratitude, focus of intent, and part of creating sacred space.

The leaves can be written on with a single word or two. I’m increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the chemicals in ink and the plastic and other materials in a pen that cannot be recycled so as an alternative I will whisper or speak the word onto the leaf, or just intend it.  I do have some natural ochre powder pigments that I would like to experiment with but haven’t tried to see if I can use them to paint on leaves yet.

Here are some examples and ideas of what to put on the leaves:


  • Gratitude
  • Thank you
  • Appreciation
  • Blessing
  • Love 

 Focus of intent

  • Release
  • Forgiveness
  • Gentle
  • Calm
  • Freedom
  • Safety

Bay leaf affirmations.JPG


  • Strength
  • Patience
  • Calmness
  • Resilience


  • I am good enough
  • I am deserving
  • I release the past and welcome the new and good
  • I am important, I count

Prayers, offerings, gratitude

To use a bayleaf with prayers or to make an offering using the leaves I might burn a leaf by holding it over a flame in a fire / heat proof dish while speaking aloud or saying silently my thanks or what I’m asking for help with, as well as acknowledging the spirit of Bay tree.  If burning isn’t an option then I will take the leaves and bury them outside along with a prayer.  With burnt leaves once they are completely cold I will likely bury them.  I give thanks to the spirit of Bay, and all plant life, to Mother Earth and Father Sky or Sun, and to Air – for all of these have taken part in my little ritual.

Properties of Bay

The practical side of using bay leaves is that they are a convenient shape and size to handle, write on, and place.  They are reminiscent in shape and size to coca leaves traditionally used in ceremonies in South Americas such as Peru.


Cheryl 24. August. 18

Herbs for Smudge, when to cut / when to avoid and how to dry

I like to cut herbs to dry for culinary use and for smudge on a waxing moon, close to the full moon.  When I told a friend I did this I got a strange look and he said something like 'you know witchy things like that don't you?'.  I laughed but its not witchy, its practical.  The aroma and taste of herbs is stronger on a waxing moon, close to a full moon (also best cut in the morning rather than in the afternoon).  Try it if you like and see (or rather taste) - try cutting and drying herbs just before the full moon, compared to just before the new moon, label them so you know which is which and then you can do a taste test side by side to compare.  The aroma alone, to me, is obviously much stronger just before the full moon.

So this morning I have cut some bay leaves, chives, lavender, and thyme.  I wash the ones I'm going to eat and leave them to dry the water off before hanging them up to dry ready to store.


The lavendar I will leave for a little while to allow the insects to escape and then bind them. I like to use cotton yarn, today I've chosen a lovely purple one to go with the lavender colour.

To tie herbs into a smudge bundle I cut a length of yarn, take a bunch of lavender and tie a tight loop at the bottom to hold them together.  Then I wind the yarn tightly in a spiral up the length of the bunch.  When I get near the top I begin wrapping down the bunch in a spiral allowing the yarn to cross over evenly to make a nice diamond sort of pattern.  At the bottom I just tie the end to the end left from the first tie, leaving a long enough piece to make a loop and hang it up to dry. 


I cut branches from the bush that I'd prune off anyway.  At this time of the moonth I cut only what I will need for cooking or burning.  The plant looses less of its energy and essence when the sap has fallen so pruning just for plant maintenance is best done near a new moon.  From the branches I pull off individual leaves, choosing the neatest (un-nibbled by creatures) then when they're all off they're washed and left on a tea towel to dry.  When the water has evaporated I put them on a fresh tea towel and cover them loosely to keep the dust off as they dry.  When they're completely dry I'll store some in a jar in the kitchen for use in cooking through winter and some in my therapy room for burning for smudge, single prayer offerings, in threes as kintu's, or in a despacho ritual.


Chives are just for cooking with.  After they are well rinsed and the dead grass bits picked out these are left on a tea towel to dry off before chopping small using a mezzaluna knife and board.  This I've found is the most efficient way to cut chives up small to use or dry but I still don't like doing it much because it makes my eyes stream.  If I've cut chives at the new moon time of the moonth it doesn't do this but the flavour is weaker. 


I cut little 'branches' of thyme, tap them outside to knock off dead leaves and insects and then rinse each in water.  Shaking the water off and leaving to dry off on a tea towel before transferring to a large shallow bowl or tray and covering.  When they are completely dry I will just rub them to get the leaves off and store in jars in the kitchen.

For thyme smudge I use the resulting twiggy branches and these can be added to an outside fire or carefully lit over a candle over a fire-proof tray or bowl.


Each time I approach a plant to cut it for my use I feel gratitude for what it will give of itself.  Each cut of a twig or branch or leaf I offer my gratitude.  The plants have no central nervous system so are not like humans or other animals in the way they feel but they do have an energy and spirit and it is for this I am grateful.  In this way I feel the plant gives more than flavour and aroma, it gives fully its 'medicine' - not in a herbal remedy / chemical constituents way but its spirit medicine.

I'm not a herbalist and I do not treat symptoms in people with plant smudge medicine (or anything else).  I choose the vibrations of plants / plant smudge (as with crystals or any thing else I have) to influence energy and invite rebalance.


Cheryl 12.Oct.17

How to choose a Reiki Master / Reiki Teacher to learn Reiki

As a Reiki Master Teacher one of the things I’m interested in is raising standards of training and practice.  There are many cheap (and sometimes not-so-cheap) courses that sometimes don’t include the attunement ceremony.  These are often correspondence courses, which might sound tempting because you can learn at your own pace, but I’m wondering how learning this way is different to reading a book, and then maybe writing a bit about it.  Other courses may be in person but don’t include the attunements.  It’s important to choose the best way that works for you if you’re sure what you’re getting (and what’s not included).

When you learn in person, you’re right there with the Reiki Master you’ve chosen, it’s interactive; you can ask questions, discuss, spend more time on something you haven’t encountered before and less time on something you already feel comfortable about.

With a good real-life Reiki Teacher you can expect on-going support should you need it so you can ask about any queries that might come up, about how you treat a certain condition (or whether you should treat at all), or about how someone felt receiving reiki.

Here’s my check list of things to consider when choosing a Reiki Master Teacher


Can you talk to the Reiki Master you will be working with beforehand, or even meet them in person or skype so you get an idea of whether they are the right person for you?

Is there anything you need to do before attending a class in preparation?

Practical things

  • Location - logistics of how near they are to you or easy to get to
  • Is there parking nearby / good transport links?
  • Do you need to book a B&B and stay over?
  • Do the course timings and dates fit in with your commitments, can they be flexible?

Class content

  • Are the classes one to one or a group (check on size – maximum numbers if that bothers you)
  • Does the class include practical work or just theory?
  • Do they offer progression through the Reiki levels at a steady pace?
  • Are you expected to double up on levels, for example doing one and two together may be too overwhelming
  • How much will it cost?
  • What is provided / what do you need to bring with you?

What is included in the fee?

  • Manual (is it printed, a download, or a separate purchase)
  • Can you submit case studies for review and to gain valuable feedback to help you develop?
  • Are case studies or other home study a requirement?
  • Is there on-going support after the course ends?
  • Do you get the attunements as part of the course?
  • Are the attunements in person (a professional body may not accept you as a member if attunements were ‘distance’)
  • Do you receive a certificate of qualification, or just completion, or attendance?
  • How long have they been a Reiki Master?
  • Can they prove / provide lineage back to Reiki founder Dr Mikau Usui?
  • Are further development or refresher classes available?

Cheryl Colpman Reiki Master Teacher

Here is some information about me which answers some of the questions above; please do get in touch with me for a chat to find out anything else you want to know and discuss details of my Reiki classes.

I became a Reiki Master in 2003 and began offering classes a couple of years later, having begun my own healing Reiki journey in the 1990s.  All my training and attunements were in person and my full lineage back to Dr Usui is available to see and a copy is provided for you at level two and three.  All of my certificates can be seen, and the ‘Verified Reiki Practitioner’ Certificate from the Reiki Association / Reiki Council.


Reiki classes are usually one to one to offer the most flexibility both in regard to the class structure and times.  I do teach small groups sometimes as well.  A printed manual is provided and ongoing support.  Lunch is provided on a complimentary basis (healthy, plentiful and nutritious with special diets catered for) or bring food with you.  Snacks, water and herb teas are provided plentifully throughout.

If you have previously been on a reiki course and don’t feel confident I offer tailored refresher classes to go over anything you’re not sure of.  For those who want to learn more about Reiki, additional methods and practices that don’t need to be covered in a standard class, I offer Reiki Development classes.

Teaching takes place in Coalville*, Leicestershire; there’s easy access from the M1 junction 22 and the A42.  Train stations are Loughborough (Leicestershire), Leicester, Polesworth (Tamworth), and Willington (South Derbyshire).  Buses run along the Main A511 and the nearest stop is about 8 minutes’ walk away.  If you’re travelling far and need to stay over I will provide a list of local B&B’s and hotels.

I welcome prospective students to meet with me beforehand, you will after all, be spending between 1 and a half and 3 days with me so it’s important to know if we can work together.  If that’s not possible due to time or distance then a chat on the phone is a good idea.

 *Coalville is in North West Leicestershire, almost in the centre of the country - The Midlands, in the United Kingdom.  We are lucky to be located within the National Forest and have plenty of lovely wooded and natural areas within a very short drive.  Sometimes we go out on a field trip to practice some Reiki out in nature surrounded by trees, rocky outcrops, gentle hills and the sound of birdsong.

 Please see the Contact page for a Google map showing the exact location.



Sacred Oils - Journey and Anointing  - deep relaxation for the soul Coming soon!

A selection of organic and wild-crafted essential oils applied in combined with a deeply relaxing meditation, aromatherapy diffusion, and soothing application to the hands and feet of quality aromatherapy oils.

I'm developing a real treat of a treatment combining a number of therapies designed to be really soul soothing.  Watch this space or follow my Facebook page to be one of the first to experience it.

Aromatherapy is often (usually) received with a massage but this is aromatherapy for the soul and essential oils are well absorbed through the skin of the hands and feet, as well as through the olfactory centre (breathing them in through the nose as a pleasant diffused aroma).  Experience a taste of how to 'journey' to ask for helpful information and then enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy, without having to disrobe, along with a deeply relaxing meditation.

A beautiful blend of aromatherapy, essential oils, plant spirit wisdom, anointing, meditation, shamanic journey, and deep relaxation in one easy therapy.  Enjoy the almost ritual like bliss in the comfort and sanctuary of my therapy room here in Leicestershire.

Case Study opportunity ‘Illuminations’

Summer 2017

The luminous energy field ‘informs’ us how to process energy, experiences, events, and what and how we intake – such as information, food.  Having stuck, old, dense energy imprints is a bit like having old programming on your computer, or an outdated app; things won’t run smoothly, work properly, and will keep doing the old thing, rather than being fresh and new, and working well for you.

Indications that you may benefit from an Illumination include

  • Feeling tired despite rest or un-restlessness
  • Anxiety, fear, sorrow
  • Feeling too ‘heady’ yet unable to think clearly
  • Unable to ‘get over’ something
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in life
  • Unable to break old habits
  • Having a feeling of dense energy
  • Feeling ‘heavy’ but maybe ungrounded
  • Dis-ease or pain that hasn’t responded to treatment

For my next segment of Shamanka training I’m looking for people who would like to be a case study.  For these sessions the work is clearing heavy and dark energy from your energy field and chakras, followed by an ‘illumination’ to replenish the energy field and chakra with healing light energy.

When the energy body and chakras are clogged with heavy energy this may eventually impact the health of other levels; mental stress, emotional discomfort, or physical symptoms.

A case study appointment is an hour and 15 minutes for the treatment and your feedback; how you feel before and afterwards, and summarise your experience of the process / healing session; please also let me know how you’re getting on later after a few days - a week.  Payment is by donation, suggested amount £20.

All case studies will be written up and submitted in an anonymous way to ensure absolute confidentiality. There are a limited number of places so please let me know soon if you would like be a case study.

I will give feedback to you and advise if there is any further work to be done (which could be as a further case study).

During the Illumination process we work with the breath and our intention to clear dense, heavy or dark energy that is imprinted within your energy body.  This is followed by bringing in new light energy.

To be a case study in this instance please contact me by the end of July 2017 by phone,  via the contact page, or message me on Facebook

Shamanic Acupressure Case studies

Acupressure uses the same points along energy lines called meridians as acupuncture but without needles of any kind.  Acupressure is much gentler and invites change and rebalance.

I’ve just begun my training and at the moment I simply need to practice running through a sequence of meridian points, and by tuning into the energy of each I will sensitively feel where balance is needed and then rebalanced before moving to the next point or set of points.  The rebalancing sequence feels calming and refreshing and a couple of people have said how it made vague symptoms disappear.  There is also a neck release treatment, again using a sequence of acupressure points and rebalancing through them.

 For anyone volunteering to be a case study for me to practice this balancing Shamanic Acupressure at this stage, there will be further opportunity to receive discount treatments as my training progresses.

Each appointment is an hour and 15 minutes and will involve a simple consultation where you’ll have the opportunity to report any current health issues before receiving either a rebalancing treatment or a Neck release sequence.

These sessions by donation, suggested amount £20 and I just ask for feedback about how you felt during the session and in the days afterwards.

Sessions take place in my therapy room in Coalville, Leicestershire, in the Midlands.

To be a case study in this instance please contact me by the end of July 2017 by phone,  via the contact page, or message me on Facebook