Prices for distance healing and guidance

All appointments are conducted remotely by distance healing and video meeting.  All distance healing is followed by a healing report sent to you by email.

For your first treatment of therapies marked with an asterisk * please allow an extra half an hour for your consultation charged at £10

Additional time can be arranged when booking your appointment, or mutually agreed during your appointment £5 for 15 minutes

Reiki* 1 hour


Reiki for your companion animals* 1 hour


Reiki Aura Clearing / 'Psychic surgery' / 'energy surgery' *
(followed by reiki healing) 1.5 hours


Crystal Healing*  1 hour


Nutrition and dietary guidance  2 hours

Follow up 1 hour

£50 first consultation


Shamanic Healing*  2 hours+

Examples of some of what is addressed with shamanic healing:

Past life healing
Cutting of ties
Intrusion removal
Parent Child healing
Power Animal retrieval
Soul Retrieval
Distance healing
Plant spirit journey and oils
Hands-on / near healing


Shamanic Healing additions  

Fire Ceremony




Meditation and guided journeying (one-to-one)*  1 hour


Colour treatments and advice*  1 hour


Ear-Candling  - not available as distance healing


Reflexology*   - guided work and foot reading


Flower Essences
As a full 1 hour consultation and essence selecting service


Seashell healing *


Bespoke Tutoring in any aspect of holistic work

Examples: Spiritual development, grounding and energetic wellness, mentoring, post course support; reflexology, reiki, crystal healing...

£30 per hour 1st and second hour

£20 per hour 3rd and further hours



Reiki Attunements and Training

Training is one to one, no need to wait for a class to become available, please phone to discuss and arrange your dates


Reiki Training Level I One and a half days


Reiki Training Level II Two days


Reiki Training Reiki Master Teacher 3 days
(or can be split as follows with Teacher training optional) 




Reiki Training Level three and Master Teacher 


Reiki Refresher or Development

Bespoke to your requirements - Half day


Reiki Refresher or Development

Bespoke to your requirements - Full day