Reflexology Coalville

Reflexology aims to positively affect the health of the whole person through light touch and movement on the feet, rebalancing the body through reflex points. The feet are a reflection or mini map of  reflex points which relate to each of the body's organs, structures, areas and systems. Each point reflects what is happening in the corresponding part of the body.

A Gentle Touch TM Reflexology treatment gently, comfortingly, and painlessly touches, holds, or massages the feet during which each reflex point or area can be stimulated or calmed to encourage balance and a return to health and sense of wellbeing. 

Booking your appointment

Booking is easy and can be done by phone or by email or message via Facebook

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When deciding to come for Reflexology with me, or any treatment, please feel free to get in touch to discuss things - a pre-consultation if you like.  All phone calls, emails, or texts as well as consultation and treatment notes are confidential.

Reflexology using Gentle Touch 

The gentle way I work is a flow of light movements, subtle holds and moves on your feet accessing reflex points and areas of each foot relating to areas of the body, (for example the area under the little toes on the feet relates to the shoulders), and flowing energy.

Enjoy this relaxing experience while your body is gently encouraged to heal itself.

Reflexology doesn't need a lot of pressure, or be uncomfortable or painful.  I work very intuitively, subtly, and energetically, using a light but positive touch.  This way of reflexology is very different from the methods which feel more like a deep massage or physical manipulation of and through the feet.  There are many ways of doing reflexology so its worth doing your research to find the right approach for you. 

Tiredness, stress, illness

During times of stress or illness congestion and energy blockages can occur. Some systems may have become sluggish while others are overworking, leaving you feeling tired or unwell.

Reflexology treatments can help relax and clear the mind as well as bring short and long term relief to both major and minor symptoms.

Perhaps you don't feel unwell but still somehow want to feel better; feel the 'you on a good day' more often, or every day.  Maybe you feel ok but want to feel more in balance, have more energy, or improve your chances to reach your fitness goals, weight balance, or enhance fertility.  What I find more and more is that all of us at times feel below par or wanting more, and a gentle holistic approach is often what gives us back that spark.

What to expect when coming for reflexology

On your first visit we'll complete a consultation about your health and wellbeing so I can understand what's going on for you and what you want to achieve. The first session is usually between an hour and a half to an hour and three quarts to allow for this plus a full treatment.

On subsequent visits a brief update on how you are progressing and feeling before commencing the treatment, and these visits take an hour to an hour and a quarter. 

At the end of the treatment your feet are wrapped in a soft towel and you have the opportunity to continue to relax.

How Many Treatments?

The number of treatments varies depending on the needs of each individual rather than a medically diagnosed condition or symptoms alone. Weekly or fortnightly treatments may be the most effective way to obtain the greatest benefit from the healing initially, with greater spaces between sessions when you feel ready.  This is an ideal way to maintain health and enjoy relaxation.  You are always in control of when you book your next appointment, I will never suggest rigid treatment programs, as its much more effective and to assess things as we go along.

Highly Sensitive

Forms of reflexology have been practiced in many cultures around the world for thousands of years.  Many forms still use a lot of pressure and can be hard, manipulative, and at times painful.  However Gentle Touch Reflexology is indeed gentle, working with the bodies subtle responses rather than unnecessary forced manipulation.  The way I work is adapted to suit the most sensitive person, as well as those who feel they are more robust.  There is a trait known as HSP; a highly sensitive person and if this is you (and about 20 percent of the population is) you will especially appreciate this gentle and non-invasive way of working.

Working gently like this is a very Yin way, encouraging balance and change rather than barging in and demanding it.

Reiki Through the Feet

Reiki can also be given through the feet, through the reflex points.  This way holds different areas of each foot, giving reiki to each area of the body through the reflex points and areas.  Oil doesn't need to be used for this and can even be given with your socks on, although a visual 'energetic diagnosis' can be really valuable.  Please see the reiki page for more