Reflexology Remotely

I love Reflexology and during the last year I have found ways to offer support with feet and hand Reflexology by a one to one video meeting. 

This entails a full consultation like usual and guidance on how to work on your own reflexes; empowering you to access self healing whenever you need it.
Foot reading can also be useful to provide insight into your wellbeing as well as personality traits and emotional state.

You may also like  reiki, crystal healing, shamanic work, - all of which can be carried out as distance treatments, or guided meditation by video call. The Bach Flower Remedies and crystal essences are well known for emotional support; and consultation and selection / prescription for these can be carried out by video call or email.  The resulting essence can be made up, blended or bespoke made and delivered to your door.

Reflexology - very handy

Reflexology aims to positively affect the health of the whole person through light touch and movement on the feet, rebalancing the body through reflex points. The feet are a reflection or mini map of  reflex points which relate to each of the body's organs, structures, areas and systems. Each point reflects what is happening in the corresponding part of the body.

From a consultation and visual diagnosis I'll guide you to access certain reflexes on the hands and feet to stimulate or calm to encourage a natural re-balance and a return to health and sense of wellbeing. You'll learn self-help techniques that you can use to support your wellbeing whenever you need it.

Booking your appointment

Booking is easy and can be done by phone or by email.

Make an Appointment    Call Cheryl 01530 831 798

When deciding to come for Reflexology with me, or any treatment, I also offer a free  'meet me' 15 minute appointment over the phone or video meeting.  All correspondences are treated confidentially.