Reiki Courses, Workshops, and Refreshers

Reiki training

Traditionally learning would take place in person, but with the world changed new ways have unfolded and evolved.  Since 2020 I have successfully taught Reiki via video meeting, with distance attunements which work just as effectively as in-person attunements.  This is followed up with garden attunements - attunements in-person which means that when you are awarded your certificate, progressing to level two, you can gain insurance and work professionally should you wish to.

After each session I will email the section of the manual we have covered so you immediately have it to refer to .  At the end of the course I send the pdf as a whole so that it's all together.

I teach Usui Reiki with traditional and modern techniques.

What remains the same is my passion for teaching and desire to empower and share Reiki with you.  All my classes are relaxed and friendly and although I teach core Reiki I aim to make it a personalised experience so that you get the most out of it to help you enjoy and live the Reiki.

Reiki Level one

Level one is for beginners with no previous experience necessary.  Its great for anyone wanting to experience reiki for self-development, self-healing, and for you to care for yourself, and family and friends.

Self-Support after the Reiki Level One Training

Recommendations are discussed on the course so you know how to continue nurture and develop on your own. Be ready to commit time to this daily for a period of at least 21 days.  Ideally you will form good habits of self-healing practice and enjoy incorporating reiki into your life.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will:

  • Have had full Reiki attunements to Level One
  • Know hand positions to be able to carry out a self-healing treatment
  • Know hand positions to be able to carry out a Reiki treatment for another person
  • Be able to adapt a treatment to circumstances and a person’s needs
  • Have an understanding of indications for treatment with reiki
  • Understand when reiki treatment is not appropriate
  • Know and understand the 5 Reiki Principals
  • Be aware of how to integrate Reiki into everyday life for self-support and living
  • Recognise a diversity of applications for reiki

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Two takes the energy further and is well known as being the level for 'distance' reiki healing, and the use of symbols (although it's much more than this).
Once this level is successfully completed it's possible to obtain insurance and work professionally if you wish to. 

Reiki Level Three or Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher the third and final level in Usui Reiki reveals 2 further symbols and prepares the practitioner to teach to others.
Becoming a Reiki Master is a big step and boosts your confidence and understanding of reiki.  You'll gain a deeper perspective of reiki and it will enhance your healing practice with the option to become a Reiki teacher if you wish.


Reiki Refreshers and Reiki Development Classes

Reiki refreshers are helpful if you have perhaps done your reiki training a while ago and feel 'rusty' or need reminders or a confidence boost. These are tailored to each individual so you can revise the bits you need.
Reiki development classes are for anyone attuned to reiki and would like to deepen their practice, learn and refresh reiki techniques. I cover traditional and modern exercises and methods of working.
Unless you would like to be re-attuned there is no need to attuned in person with me in Leicestershire.

Tutor support after the training course

As a Reiki Master I believe it’s my duty to support my students on an ongoing basis which does not simply expire after ‘x months’, and I am happy to do this.  At any time after the training is completed as my student you may ask questions, talk through things that have come up in any situation that does or could relate to reiki that was either covered in the course or relates to that level of reiki. 

Additional training is also available to develop your reiki and build confidence and enjoyment of reiki practice. 


Video learning can be anywhere in the UK.  Your in-person attunements will need to be carried out with me in Coalville, Leicestershire.  Although you will need to receive your attunements in person for your certificate to be awarded for each level, there is no obligation to have your attunements in-person if you would like to learn reiki for yourself.

Book your Reiki Class

As I teach one to one you don't have to wait for a scheduled class to come up, just get in touch to arrange your Reiki 'meet me' and from there we can discuss class times and dates.

Further information on reiki training or get in touch for a chat :-) Call Cheryl

Cheryl's Reiki Journey

When I was first introduced to reiki I had no idea that I could learn to practice it for myself.  I was in real need of regular healings but the cost and distance were prohibitive (I had to drive about an hour for my treatments).

My practitioner was also a Reiki Master and he suggested I learn reiki for self-healing.  I did my level one reiki and a few months later level two.  I self-treated with reiki for a few years which helped support my healing immensely.  Then as I evolved and healed I trained to become a professional healing practitioner.  Although I’ve completed a lot of training over the last 20+ years and I’m qualified to practice several healing modes, Reiki will always be my first love.

Free Tutorial - How to carry out Distance / Remote Reiki Healing For Any Reiki Level

by Cheryl Colpman

Begin by making yourself comfortable ideally when and where you won’t be disturbed for a while.  If you like you can play meditation music, light candles, or burn incense, or use your favourite essential oils.

In the usual way begin your reiki flow, for example with hands in gasshô and intending the reiki flows.  [If you are level two, or above, trained and have the symbols you may want to evoke the Connection symbol now.]

Intend, visualise, or sense reiki coming in through the Crown chakra and coming into the Heart centre

Feel yourself filling up with reiki from the Heart centre.

If you enjoy using hand positions you could send the reiki from your Heart down your arms into your hands and then place them as you give yourself a reiki treatment

When you feel topped up with reiki begin to allow (intend / visualise) the reiki filling your energy field, allow it to glow with reiki

If you like to use your hands you could place them comfortably on your lap and allow the reiki to flow from them… [This could be a good time to bring in the symbols for Focus and Harmony]

From here send (visualise / intend) the reiki expanding and filling the room you’re in, then the building, and the street, your community or town, the shire, country and the whole of the UK.

To give reiki to a ‘situation’ bring it to mind (without dwelling on it, letting go of worry) and intend that the reiki is healing this situation

Continue to glow the reiki out intending that it reaches and is offered to all living things (people, animals, plants, ecosystems, microbes…)

Allow this to expand to encompass the whole planet, all of Mother Earth… (and beyond if you wish into the atmosphere, solar system…)

Remember to let go of any particular outcome of the healing; trusting that a higher intelligence and reiki will work for the highest good

Sit with this for a while for as long as you wish seeing the ‘whole’ glowing with reiki pure love and light

When you’re ready to finish gently place your hands back into gasshô and feel the gratitude for the reiki, gently bringing yourself back into the present

There are other methods and you can vary it to find the way you enjoy most or find easy.  The most important aspect is working with reiki as pure love and light and letting go of personal desires or expectations.

Let me know on my Reiki Coalville Facebook page if you have enjoyed this or other distance healing methods.

Namaste ~ Cheryl