Reiki Training

Why learn Reiki

Its natural instinct to put your hand to where there is pain – banged your arm or shin – your hand goes straight to it.  When someone is upset you’re likely to put a hand on their arm or give them a hug to comfort them.  I believe we have an innate disposition to want to soothe and heal ourselves and others with touch.  Safe touch is immensely comforting, it seems to convey reassurance ‘there, things will get better, I am here for you’.

What if that touch could also bring actual healing responses as well as comfort? 

There are some people who seem to be naturally gifted, born healers, but if you have the desire to heal (yourself and others) but no innate gift this is where Reiki comes in.  You can be ‘tuned in’ to reiki with what’s called an attunement; lining your energies up and connecting you directly with the source of Reiki.

Learning reiki is more than an attunement it is understanding how to practice reiki on very practical, down to earth way, not just the hands-on part but how reiki can benefit every part of your life, if you want it to.

Reiki Level one - Beginners Reiki

Reiki level one is suitable for any beginner and I will teach you all you need to become a confident and successful reiki healer.

What’s covered on the Reiki level One course

  • Attunements to level one Reiki (Attunements on my courses are always performed in person, never distance)
  • Theory and practical skills of Reiki
  • Brief History of the system of Reiki
  • Explanation of the Lineage of Reiki
  • How a treatment is given – to others and for self-treatment
  • Discussion of ‘energy’ and ‘energy healing’ and ‘reiki’ and ‘reiki healing’
  • Applications and modifications of giving a treatment
  • Potential outcomes of reiki treatments
  • How to prepare to give a reiki treatment
  • What to consider when preparing the healing space
  • Limitations and contra-indications of giving reiki
  • How we sense energy
  • Difference between healing and curing
  • Practice of a calming breathing technique

Classroom study and practical experience

Attendance time is normally around 9 hours

Tutor support after the training course

As a Reiki Master I believe it’s my duty to support my students on an ongoing basis which does not simply expire after ‘x months’, and I am happy to do this.  At any time after the training is completed as my student you may ask questions, talk through things that have come up in any situation that does or could relate to reiki that was either covered in the course or relates to that level of reiki.  Support is given informally for example by email, phone call, text, or by arranging to have a cup of tea together.

Additional training is also available to develop your reiki and build confidence and enjoyment of reiki practice. 

Self-Support after the Reiki Level One Training

Recommendations are discussed on the course so you know how to continue nurture and develop on your own. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will:

  • Have had full Reiki attunements to Level One
  • Know hand positions to be able to carry out a self-healing treatment
  • Know hand positions to be able to carry out a Reiki treatment for another person
  • Be able to adapt a treatment to circumstances and a person’s needs
  • Have an understanding of indications for treatment with reiki
  • Understand when reiki treatment is not appropriate
  • Know and understand the 5 Reiki Principals
  • Be aware of how to integrate Reiki into everyday life for self-support and living
  • Recognise a diversity of applications for reiki

Level Two Reiki

I also teach level two reiki which you can progress to if you wish – for your own development or to become a professional practitioner.

Level Three Reiki

Level three or more commonly known as Reiki Masters or Reiki Master level enables you to teach and train others, developing your own ways and styles to become a confident and  unique Reiki Teacher.  I’ve also taught to this level for people who do not wish to teach but just to further their understanding and energy channeling of Reiki.

I teach Reiki one to one or small groups of up to 4 people in Coalville, Leicestershire (UK Midlands) or may be able to travel to you.

Book your Reiki Class

As I teach one to one or a small group I usually arrange dates to suit you the student, this means you don't have to wait for a scheduled class to come up.

There's also Reiki Development dates that I'll put on through the year and when they're arranged you'll find details here on the website and also on the Reiki Coalville Facebook page

Further information on reiki training or get in touch for a chat :-) Call Cheryl

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My Introduction to Reiki

When I was first introduced to reiki I had no idea that I could learn to practice it for myself.  I was in real need of regular healings but the cost and distance were prohibitive (I had to drive about an hour for my treatments).

My practitioner was also a Reiki Master and he suggested I learn reiki for self-healing.  I did my level one reiki and a few months later level two.  I self-treated with reiki for a few years which helped immensely, then as I evolved and healed I trained to become a professional healing practitioner.  Although I’ve completed a lot of training over the last 20 years and I’m qualified to practice several healing modes, Reiki will always be my first love.