Reiki Training

Reiki can be learned simply for self-healing and self-help or with further training up to Practitioner or Master Teacher level. To learn Reiki an 'Attunement' is carried out which is a sacred ceremony to open or unlock someone to Reiki. Alongside this process the methods, practices and principles of Reiki are taught.

Reiki Attunements are taught in levels, also known as degrees, in three stages; First and Second Degree then Master's with additional teaching to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Some people have a natural affinity for healing using their own energy or they may channel energy. However, in order to heal with Reiki this special Attunement and teaching from a Reiki Master is needed.

I teach mainly in Coalville on a one to one basis, or a small group of up to a maximum of 4 people. For groups, arrangements for me to come to your area can be made if appropriate.

I don't perform distance / distant Attunements. While Reiki treatments can be successfully carried out this way I firmly believe that Attunements are better done in person as this allows questions that naturally come up to be answered or discussed at the time and appropriate support given. Also, rapport and response to body and facial language is important and this needs to be appreciated in person.

Reiki Attunements

Level I or 'First Degree' Reiki

Training is one day plus a half day the following morning. No prior learning is required and Level 1 is suitable for anyone wishing to further their own healing and help friends and family. After training you will be able to self-treat and with some further practice give a full Reiki treatment to others. The days are flexibly structured and will include core teachings;

  • History of Reiki, who is Dr Mikao Usui?
  • Attunements
  • The Principles of Reiki
  • Contra-indications
  • Practising Reiki - hand positions, self-treatments
  • Ways of using Reiki
  • How to enhance your life with Reiki
  • Giving reiki to others

I teach Level I one to one or in a small group of up to 4 people.

Maps and information can be supplied on local B&B or hotel accommodation if required.
Price includes refreshments, manual and certificate.

Level II or 'Second Degree' Reiki

Training is over two days and is suitable for those who have already attained Level I training either with me or with another Reiki Master and wishing to continue their own healing or become a Practitioner. Level II brings a new dimension to the practice of Reiki with the use of sacred symbols enabling distance healing.

As your Reiki Master if questions and queries arise about your reiki practices and I'll do my best to answer them and support your Reiki journey. You may also wish to return to see me for additional training or practice.

Maps and information can be supplied on local B&B or hotel accommodation if required.
Price includes refreshments, manual and certificate.

Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master Training is done over three days. This is suitable for those who have received levels I and II attunement either from me or another Reiki Master (evidence of attunement is required) and who now wish to further their own healing and spiritual development and may want to attune others. 
A fourth symbol is introduced raising the energy levels further. 

Questions and queries will arise and I'll be here to support you - remember no question is 'stupid' - if you've wondered about something, or not sure about anything, please do ask. You may also find Reiki Refreshers And Sharing may be helpful and I'll add dates for these throughout the year, please contact me to find out about the next one.

Maps and information can be supplied on local B&B or hotel accommodation if required.
Price includes refreshments, manual and certificate.

Reiki Refreshers

Offered as half days or full days we can go over any level or any aspect of reiki you'd like to.  These are for anyone attuned to reiki whether your Reiki Master was me or someone else.  I can also offer an attunement for you if you have previously taken a distance learning course and didn't get one, or a re-attunement if you've had one but have doubts about anything.

Reiki Development

Half or full days these are designed to advance and deepen your reiki practice whether as a professional or for yourself.  There's a plethora of reiki techniques traditional and new that usually aren't covered in attunement classes.

Reiki is ...

Reiki is an ongoing learning experience, furthering our own spirituality and healing as well helping others who ask for our assistance. It can be simply a healing tool or a way of life ...

My aim is to present Reiki as I experience it; down-to-earth and practical, yet spiritual, energetically enhancing, healing and uplifting. 

Reiki may give us another view, open doors, lift our energy and experience to a higher level, help us feel more positive, lead us on our path to enlightenment and give us the ability to DO something even when there would have seemed to be nothing we could do.

Can we change the world for the better with Reiki? Yes, I think it's possible, one day at a time starting with the man or woman in the mirror.

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