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Reiki Distance Healing Treatments

Reiki is a healing way of guiding or channelling energy through the practitioners hands, intention, or gaze.  When carried out in-person it is often referred to as 'hands-on' healing.  An integral part of reiki healing is non-local healing also known as distance healing where the recipient and practitioner don't need to be in the same physical location as each other.

My distance healing appointments are carried out with the same level of care and deep healing intention as in-person appointments, for the same length of time (around 45 minutes).

We begin with a video consultation followed by distance healing.  This is completed with a full healing report sent to you by email shortly afterwards.

Who and What is Reiki healing for?

There are no medical contraindications for Reiki so it is suitable for everyone from baby to the elderly and all in between.  Any circumstances relating to emotions, stress, or health issues, feeling at a cross-roads in life, or feeling something is holding you back from achieving your goals can be supported and potentially transformed with Reiki healing.

Shorter treatments can be arranged for young children or anyone who is infirm or seriously ill. Plants, animals and situations can also receive Reiki.

The word Reiki

'Reiki' is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Rei = Universal, Ki = life energy. Ki (also known as chi, qi, or prana) is the vital energy flowing through all living things. Reiki healing is utilising or directing this energy in ways to bring about wellness.
The English pronunciation of Reiki is ray-key (rhymes with cakey).

Healing with Reiki

During stress or illness energy may not flow freely, which we might describe as 'energy blockages'; or with the abundance associated with wellbeing, wellness, and health.
A Reiki treatment is beneficial in that it provides a means of 'topping up', and helping natural movement of energy.
Reiki is received either remotely (distance healing) or in-person via the hands of a practitioner placed on or near the body.  For the time being I'm offering distance healing only.

Reiki distance healing

To conduct a healing session with Reiki I will connect first to Reiki-source and then to your energy field.  The healing session is carried out partly informed by what you have asked to focus on during our consultation and by the way I am guided to work by Reiki, intuition, and your own energy or higher self.  As energy is literally everywhere, we and everything are made of energy, it makes no difference whether we are in the same location or another.

Appointments and booking

Appointments are a full hour and are unrushed to allow time for updates since your last visit and feedback after the session.  Your first appointment is an hour and a half with plenty of time for the consultation and treatment.  A distance healing is followed by a full healing report which I email to you.

I offer a free of charge 15 minute pre-appointment 'meet me' by phone or video with no obligation. All phone calls, emails, or texts as well as consultation and treatment notes are confidential.

An appointment booking or 'meet me' can be arranged by phone or by email

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Advanced Reiki healing methods


Reiki 'Psychic Surgery'

Strange title I know but it is actually a modern Reiki technique that helps to shift stuck or embedded energy.  I would like to make a note here that it's not to be confused with 'pseudo-science' techniques carried out in many countries which is 'bare-hands surgery' using fake blood or animal organs. 
Reiki psychic surgery is an interactive session and as you are involved in your own healing experience it can feel all the more empowering. Reiki psychic surgery can be carried out via video and distance healing.

Learn Reiki with Cheryl Colpman

My own introduction to Reiki was seeking help and healing, as this was an ongoing need I was offered a way to treat myself at home (or anywhere) at any time - by learning to practice Reiki. 

Would you like to learn Reiki to treat yourself?  With a Reiki level one course you will learn about Reiki and how to treat yourself, and also your family and friends.  The course is short (typically 9 or 10 hours over 2 to 4 days) and is complete in itself with a certificate at the end upon satisfactory completion.  If you would like to deepen your practice, or to work professionally as a Reiki healer you can continue to Reiki level two.  More information can be found on my Reiki Training page.

About Cheryl

My Reiki journey began in the 1990s, first by receiving reiki healing and, as it had such a powerful positive effect on my health, shortly after being attuned to level one and then two some months later.

I became a Reiki practitioner, along with qualifying as a Reflexologist in 1999.  A few years later I was attuned and trained to Reiki level 3 and Reiki Master in 2003, beginning teaching reiki a couple of years later.

I've treated people with hands-on reiki healing in healing centres in Coalville, Loughborough, Leicester, Leicestershire, and distance healing all over the UK, for 19 years.  I began teaching Reiki regularly in 2006.

Although I've always treated animals on an occasional basis I took this further by undertaking Advanced Animal Reiki Practitioner training in 2014 with Sarah Berrisford.

I offer reiki for animals with home visits or distance healing.