Shamanic Acupressure

    • Needle-free treatments via the acu-points
    • All treatments done fully clothed
    • Energy / pulse readings taken
    • Points treated with gentle pressure from
      • Fingertips
      • Crystals
      • Chumpi stones
    • Gentle and relaxing
    • Energy, similar to Reiki, brought to each pressure point
    • Possible facilitation or prompt of further healing

Shamanic acupressure utilises the flow of universal qi through the body via channels known as meridians to bring balance, flow, and harmony.

The Five Element philosophy and dynamics of Yin and Yang provide the foundations of this system of healing.  You may already be familiar with the concept of Acupressure or Acupuncture utilised in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). 

The shamanic way of working with this system blends the knowledge set out in TCM and assessing the spiritual energy based on life events and trauma on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

Pulses of each meridian are read offering a wonderful energy diagnostic tool. 

30 key acu points are accessed with the fingertips, crystals, or special carved stones to rebalance the whole energy body, releasing stress and bringing a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

The carved stones are from the Peruvian Inka Tradition called chumpi stones.  Each is uniquely shaped and carved and relates to the chakra system of the Inkas and sacred spirits of the landscape.

Tuning in to the energy needs of each acu-point a particular stone is selected to bring balance. 

The shamanic way is to listen, and sense energy.  In Shamanic Acupressure the acu-points become doorways to help awaken the blue-print of health and well-being.

In accessing the points and flow of energy the energy-body may be prompted to reveal long seated traumas, providing an opportunity to release and heal them.

The Qi or Chi referred to is the same as ki denoted in Reiki healing.  In Reiki the Universal Life-force energy is brought in by the practitioner to the Heart centre and guided to the patient through energy centres on the hands.  The hands are placed on or near so as to receive the healing offered.

In Acupressure Universal Qi is brought in in the same way, using the breath and intention, to the Heart centre and sent out to the fingertips.  The hands and fingertips are awakened to become both energetically diagnostic and givers of energy to assess and bring gentle balance.

Acupressure compared to acupuncture is done without needles or any kind and is done easily through clothing.  It is very gentle and invites the change needed to bring harmony and balance. 

What to expect with your Shamanic Acupressure appointment

At your first appointment a full case history is taken where you’ll be asked to outline or describe your symptoms, feelings, and events.

Meridian pulse readings or other energy assessment will be carried out before the treatment.

A pattern of acupressure points will then be accessed, to invite balance and flow.

It’s possible for a shamanic acupressure session to bring up the opportunity for further shamanic work within your session