Plant Spirit Sacred Oils

Deep relaxation for the soul with Journey and Anointing

Plant Spirit Sacred Oils is a beautiful blend of aromatherapy essential oils, anointing of the hands and feet, shamanic journey, and deep relaxation in one blissful soulful therapy. 

What's involved in receiving Plant Spirit Sacred Oils

A sacred plant oil session begins with the bringing together of the placement of crystals and of stones, herb smudging, and guided journey.

Anointing with plant oils to the feet and hands follows, along with relaxing and releasing effleurage, gentle balancing reflex points, and shamanic hands-on healing or reiki follow to rebalance and nurture spirit and soul.

Each part of the healing is intended to play a part in helping you to reconnect with your purpose.


The ritual of anointing with oil is carried out in the sacred space of the therapy room.  It is blessing-like; asking the plant spirits and your own guides and guardians to assist you with your healing, life purpose, and goals.  

The significance of anointing hands and feet and giving healing via these and the face are metaphors for creativity, moving forward, and self-concept.

The magick is within all of us to achieve m/any things and healing is really all about freeing yourself from blocks, nurturing, giving yourself permission and believing so your light can shine and healing, wellbeing, and balance in your Life can take place.

The meaning of anointing with oil in the context of this treatment is the ritual-like applying of oil, to connect with the spirit of the plant that gave part of itself for the making of oil.

Purpose of Plant Spirit Sacred Oil

The intention of carrying out a Plant Spirit Sacred Oil’s is to assist you in your focus to this, your inner light… it’s also pretty relaxing and very enjoyable too!


A consultation will be completed beforehand for safety and to understand what it is you would like to address from the session, whether this is to do with wellbeing, feeling at a cross-roads in life, feeling something is holding you back from achieving your goals, or for deep relaxation.

All the oils are blended in carrier oil in safe aromatherapy concentrations.

Afterwards - your Complimentary Oil

Your first treatment comes with a small bottle with your oil blended in carrier oil to take with you so that it’s ready for you to continue to anoint at home.  This can be done, for example; in the morning after a shower, just before bed, when meditating, on your altar, or any time that’s feels appropriate, helpful, or to spiritually nurture yourself.

Enjoy the ritual-like bliss in the comfort and sanctuary of my therapy room here in Leicestershire.