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Virtual Clinic and Services

Healing, guidance, and consultations 


Virtual Clinic

Through the Virtual Clinic you can access consultations, advice, and distance healing to restore wellbeing and begin or continue your healing journey. 

Appointments are all by video meeting so you can benefit from healing services wherever you are without the need to physically travel.

How does a video meeting work?

After it’s all arranged, via phone call or email, just before the appointment you’ll receive a link to our meeting via email which you open and click on to join.

Getting the most from your Virtual Clinic Appointment

Healing Sessions via Virtual Clinic

Full guide coming soon.

Bach Flower Remedies & other emotional wellbeing Essences

Meditation & Guided Journeying

Shamanic Healing

Crystal Healing

Oracle Reading

Take Outs - Self Healing at Home

Diet & Nourishment

Reflexology Remotely & Foot Reading

Tips for making the Virtual Clinic work for you

Foot Reading

Reiki & Reiki Pets