Shamanic Healing

Great for emotional recovery and healing.  As we all go through life we are susceptible to emotional and energetic dents, wounds, accidents, damaging attachments, or attack.  Shamanic healing seeks to repair energy damage, remove attachments, and heal and shield against spiritual wounds.

From a Shamanic point of view illness comes from spiritual or energetic disharmony, loss or imbalance.

Shamanic healing is possibly one of the oldest healing styles around. Using drum, rattle, and smudge along with ancient techniques are all part of Shamanic healing.

In a shamanic healing session I connect with my Power Animals and other spirit helpers and guides and use power objects such as crystals, stones and feathers.  With these tools and helpers I will work with you to remove energetic intrusions, remove blockages or 'dirt' from the aura, return and retrieve lost soul parts and Power.  Shamanic healing objectives have a close overlap with modern psychotherapy.

Soul Loss

When we experience a shock, long term stress, or bereavement , for example, we often feel like we are going through life in a fog, as if we are vacant, operating at a distance, or like we’re wading through treacle.  We might use phrases like ‘I don’t feel like I’m really here’ after a shock, or ‘I feel as if a part of me went with him’ when someone passes away; ‘I haven’t been the same since…’ When we experience these things we are said to be suffering from Soul Loss. These feelings may be temporary and after a short time we may feel normal again but if they become longer term and life is a struggle then shamanic healing may help.

Intrusion Removal

As we go through life we may inadvertently pick up energetic intrusions, like walking through woodland we might pick up a thorn or twig on clothing. Occasionally someone else may have deliberately or unintentionally imposed on us energetically. Aura ‘dirt’ can be likened to having mud splashes on a car windscreen; it can impair our view or slow us down.

A shamanic intrusion removal extracts and disposes of inappropriate energy, and 'cleans' and smooths the aura.


Deep relaxation can be expected during and after a shamanic healing session, a feeling of groundedness, peace, and the ability to function well. A series of healings may be desirable as with each session new things come up for healing as appropriate to be cleared.


Shamanic healing, like any holistic therapy, is not a substitute for medical help, please consult your GP if you are unwell.