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Covid update 23 June 2020

Lots of people getting in touch to ask when I might be able to take appointments or teach reiki again so this feels like the right time for a ‘covid update’.

The government has not yet announced when holistic healthcare establishments can open, there’s been hope and speculation that this might be in July but we don’t yet know.

When we are allowed to re-open there must, of course, be additional health, safety, and hygiene measures in place that will need to be followed by both practitioner and client.

Although we don’t precisely know what these will need to be the use of PPE and much extra sanitisation (of surfaces not just hands) will be vital. It’s likely that extra health checks will be necessary too, for example taking temperature, ‘track and trace’ query such as stating who you’ve been in contact with, and where you’ve travelled to.

I’ve downloaded the Gateway Workshops “HEALTH, SAFETY AND HYGIENE – RETURNING TO WORK COVID-19 COURSE 2020”* (~28 pages of guide lines) these are carefully researched but we must ultimately follow the latest guidance from the government, World Health Organisation, and NHS as the situation continues to change.

When there is the go-ahead from the government with clear guidance on the measures necessary I’ll carry out a risk-assessment and prepare my procedure statements and checklists.

I’m continuing to work via Zoom video call, email, and one to one distance healing so please let me know if you need help and don't want to wait.

I know this is a difficult time for us all, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Holistic Health Clinic - Healing for You

My name is Cheryl Colpman, I live and work in north Leicestershire in the Midlands.  I am qualified and trained in a number of therapies - I realise that it can seem overwhelming to try and decide on a therapy - the right therapy - that will help you most.  For this reason if you feel that you you just need something to help, you may prefer to book an initial session with me for general healing - which can feel much easier, more relaxed and beneficial for you.  I will suggest a particular therapy, or blend of therapies, based on the consultation and your preference.

If you prefer to book in for a specific therapy you can, of course, still do this and you can find out more about each therapy on individual pages using the navigation panel at the top of the page). there is also a 'which therapy' page that you may find a useful reference. 

I’m also happy to answer any questions or talk with you about holistic health, I offer a free preliminary consultation with no obligation.  Usually around 15 minutes - this is normally the right length of time to get a sense of if I'm the right therapy practitioner for you, and if so the appointment consultation will be the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what you want and need from holistic healing and the most appropriate and helpful therapy or combination of therapies  Call for your initial consultation with Cheryl

If you like to read more in detail before getting in touch I've included lots here (with navigation to each section to the right on this page).


My approach / why you’re here

You may be here because you want to help yourself to feel well, with a little help from someone with a holistic approach to this.  You may also want to be treated as a whole person rather than a symptom (or collection of seemingly unrelated symptoms) or body parts or systems.

I want this too and I see everyone as a whole unique individual and you’ll be treated with care and respect.

My aim is to help you feel well, reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, sleep better, improve energy levels.  If you’re recovering from illness, injury, surgery, grief, life traumas (including those from your past or even past lives) or perhaps feeling overwhelmed and at a cross-road in life a holistic approach may be just the thing to bring clarity, help and support you.

It’s not necessary that you choose a therapy before booking a healing session with me, (though of course you can if you wish) I understand it can seem impossible to work out which one is the right one but I will be happy to guide you to one or a combination.

I offer an initial FREE consultation by phone to help you decide if I am the right practitioner for you.  I would be delighted to help you.

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My therapy room is in Coalville, Leicestershire, in the Midlands.  The place I practice from is just 5 minutes from the M1 motorway junction 22, and a minute from the main A511 Bardon Road, yet is in a peaceful residential area. 

Even though you may have found my website as you’re looking for healing in Coalville or Leicester, if you are further away I can also offer distance healing which means you don’t have to travel as the healing is sent remotely.  If you’re unfamiliar with this it may sound very strange but I’ve experienced both sending healing and receiving healing from a distance with great benefit.

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You can park for free off-road on our driveway, or if you prefer the street has no yellow lines or meters.

Appointments and availability

I see clients Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 5.30pm and Friday morning from 9.30am to 11 am (these are start times)

Most appointments are a full 1 hour with Shamanic healing being at least 2 hours.  Your first appointment is an additional half hour so we have time to complete a wellbeing consultation. 

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Treatments are not rushed and this is reflected in the amount of time given for each individual appointment.  Appointments are a full hour (an hour and half plus for your first appointment and consultation) to allow you quality time for your ‘story’ to be heard in the way you need to tell it.

After the treatment there is time to process or talk about your responses and for me to pass on my interpretations or feedback.

If you have longstanding or complex wellbeing concerns a longer session can be booked to give you more time, and any appointment can be made up of whatever elements of healing you need.  Grounding, energy clearing, and centring support can be offered as we talk if needed, before the main treatment.

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When booking your appointment I recognise there is trust from you that I will treat you with respect and care and do my best work for you. For everyone, but especially if you don’t already know me or come to me recommended by a friend, I’d like to reassure you of my best intentions, and that I am fully trained and qualified.

When I schedule time for your healing in my diary I trust too; that you intend to arrive for your appointment and at the right time.  I understand that sometimes life has unexpected events, plans change, or a virus might suddenly make an appearance; all I ask is that you give as much notice as possible if you do need to postpone, change or cancel your appointment.

Qualifications and Training

My training and qualifications include: Reflexology Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies, Teresa Rich of Reflexology UK, Jubilee College; Reiki with Reiki Masters Keith Beasley, Sue Davie, and Ruth Chambers; Thermo-Auricular Therapy Linda Stokes at Athena; Diet and Nutrition; Indian Head Massage Lynn Davies at Athena School; Crystal Healing Sue Lilly and Simon Lilly Institute of Gem and Crystal Therapists Graduate, Colour Healing; Flower Essence Mandala* Complementary Studies Diploma; Animal Reiki with Sara Berrisford, Aromatherapy for the Feet with Jubilee College; Shamanic Healing Simon Heather, Shamanka Traditional School of Women’s Shamanism.

These are all verifiable.

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Therapy room

My therapy room is carefully designed as a place to feel comfortable, to relax, talk in confidence, and where you’ll be heard.  The room has a comfortable couch and there are plenty of pillows and blankets available so you can feel supported and warm.  There is heating and windows that open to the outside with blinds to ensure the right temperature, shade, and ventilation.