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Are you ready to feel better, heal your past traumas, find the signposts you’ve been looking for, learn how to nourish your very being…?

Life is for living the best you you can be… this is not perfectionism but finding your own happy, wellbeing, place, and peace.

New Life stages, trauma, stress, feeling lost, wanting and needing change and transformation

… your wings await… 

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Help is here:

Nourishment with easy meal plans and ideas

Food for where you are and your own internal weather

Emotional support

Energy flow work

Discovery of empowering self-help

Energetic rebalancing


Clarity work


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“Cheryl is a great therapist

I've visited Cheryl on several occasions for various treatments such as Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Shamanic Healing and she is just brilliant. The therapies are always helpful and healing, she Is a great listener and very thorough with her treatment. The treatment room itself is a real gem, very calming. Visiting Cheryl is always restoratative and I can fully recommend her to anyone. Thank God for healers like Cheryl they are much needed in this day and age!