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Facial Reflexology

What I find most interesting about Reflexology is that every part of us is a microcosm of the macro; by this I mean that every small part of us reflects the whole us.  A pair of feet are a map of the whole body, each foot a side of the body, each area relating to organs or systems of the body.  Our ears represent the body (in a foetal sort of position) with the spine the outer part of the pinna, the ear lobe the head. 

We can gently work with these micros to effect the macro, the whole.  Light pressure, movements, or stroking on specific reflex points as a Reflexology treatment are designed to rebalance and bring about improved wellbeing.

Then we come to the face.  We show the face we want the world to see, we put on a happy face, express emotions, thoughts, reactions.  We read each others expressions and interact with each other based on this information.  Our faces (to include the ears) hold ALL of our senses; sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch, plus it's so close to the brain, the control and interpretation centre, that anything happening on or near our face is amplified and more quickly received.

Facial Reflexology seems extra special to me then; Not only does it provide a map of the whole person that Reflexology can be applied to, but it might also fast-track relaxation and calming of the whole person, and subsequently healing.

I will always love working on the feet, with similar proportions to the whole body working on the reflexes and getting feedback from them seem second nature.  Facial Reflexology seems extra special somehow, maybe because it's more intimate - we usually relate to our faces more than our feet (show our face, hide our feet).  Letting someone touch your face is 'MORE' than letting someone touch your feet.

Whether you come to me for Reflexology on your feet, hands, or face I feel honoured to be entrusted to take you into my hands and to gently get to work on assessing and rebalancing your wellbeing.

You'll be  ready to face the day.



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