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Healing the Fear that holds us back 

I came across this quote today (it's an old Chinese proverb) and it prompted me to write this blog post because FEAR is something that holds us back from living life fully.  It can literally keep us from moving forward.

“Fear knocked at the door, faith opened it, and there was no one there”

It stops the letting go process (this can manifest as anything from being stuck in grief to being constipated, to no clearing out our old possessions).

It keeps us locked into the past, perhaps where we were programmed (intentionally, for control purposes, or unintentionally / inadvertently) that life wasn't safe.

Fear is held as tension, muscles that don't move properly or are painful, leading to joint and mobility problems.

The organs associated with fear in Traditional Chinese Medicine (eg acupuncture) are the kidneys ('I was so scared I peed myself') and our adrenal glands become exhausted, unable to produce sufficient cortisol which upsets the whole hormonal apple cart.

Fear can often linger in the background, so constant and persisting we don't recognise it's there. Stopping or hindering the process of our life and how we move through it.  Other times we know we have a fear; sometimes we laugh it off 'I have a phobia of spiders' but it still affects us and our decisions. 'I daren't go in the shed, there are spiders'.

Fear is sometimes helpful because it asks us to check ‘Is this safe?’ (and what safe mean to us). Sometimes though the fear is someone else’s projected fear that somehow gets in through the cracks, or is layered on deliberate programming.

The cause, subject, or reason of or for fear may be known or unknown (‘I’m scared of clowns, I don’t know why’, ‘I’m afraid of bats, they might tangle in my hair’, ‘I wake in the night with a sense of dread’, ‘I have a sense of foreboding’, ‘I just panic!’).

Sometimes we don’t know we are afraid and simply experience symptoms like fatigue, constipation, hormone disruption, or life patterns like not wanting to take even small safe risks.

Recently, I discovered (while seeking help with physical body-work), even though I have done a LOT of healing work on myself, that I have a LOT of FEAR stored in my body.

Once I was aware of it I could see how this is affecting my life, decisions, action, inaction (constant ‘pause to check’ / freeze mode).  How had I missed this, not known that it was there? Could I not feel it, or see how it restricted me?

No, actually we don’t often see it or recognise it for what it is when it has been there for a long time, slowly building both patterns of behaviour and pain in the body.

So what is the answer, how do we heal fear patterns and programming, so that we can live life with faith and courage?

First step is becoming aware that we need and want to make a change and heal.  This may be something you realise on your own, or together with me during a healing session.  We can then discuss your symptoms or behaviours and if they could be connected to fear if you’re not sure.

Then we can begin to work on releasing stored fear and trauma, this may be with Reiki Soul Repair, Shamanic work, connective Reflexology, and Bach Flower essences for support between sessions, and Reiki or channelled light healing for ongoing support and fear release.

As well as releasing held fear and its patterns, I will work to repair the energy / soul wound ‘under’ the trauma.  It can be helpful or necessary to put some protection in place, such as an energy shield too, and I’ll teach you how to keep yourself centred and grounded, use crystals, and visualisations.

I love this quote, it says so much so simply “Fear knocked at the door, faith opened it, and there was no one there”

Fear can no longer control us when we have faith in ourselves.

Written with love



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