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Holistic Healing Journey: Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit; Interview with Cheryl

I was excited to be interviewed by MysticMag recently.  You can read the interview below or on the MysticMag website

MysticMag invites you to explore the insights of Cheryl, a seasoned energy healer who recently shared her wisdom on addressing the interconnected dimensions of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Cheryl’s profound understanding of the intricate link between thought patterns, emotions, and their influence on the body illuminates a path toward enduring wellness.

Through modalities like Reiki and Meditation, she underscores the significance of disrupting the cycle of stress and fear, resulting in regulated blood pressure, eased tension, and enhanced digestion. Cheryl’s holistic methodology involves tailoring wellness plans to individual needs and guiding clients toward therapies aligned with their unique requirements.

The interview not only emphasizes the mind-body connection but also unveils Cheryl’s transformative impact. This is vividly demonstrated in a compelling success story where her integrated approach brought solace and emotional healing to a client’s life.

How do you address physical, emotional, and mental well-being in your holistic approach?

As an energy healer, I understand all these aspects are linked; thought patterns influence emotions and both these can cause physical changes, which over time can become more permanent. For example, fear and stress release cortisol and adrenaline which cause physiological changes; increased heart rate, tense muscles, and blood flow diverted from the digestive system.

So by breaking the stress cycle and helping the person to maintain this and feel calm, for example with Reiki or Meditation, blood pressure can become regulated, tension dissolves, and digestion improves.

The Bach Flower Essences a really great for helping transform tricky emotional states like fear for someone’s wellbeing can become a healthy care and nurture. Reflexology is well suited to addressing hormone imbalances, aches, pains, and digestive complaints, when we are more comfortable, can digest our meals well, sleep, and are relieved from PMS, and menopause symptoms we tend to worry less and have less emotional upheaval.

What specific techniques do you use to promote balanced health?

For total well-being and balance, I encourage clients to holistically take care of themselves as well as come to see me. This might include sharing with them energy techniques such as grounding, ways to release anxiety, sleep more soundly, or improve nutrition.  I often teach people how to work on their reflexes, so that after a foot or facial reflexology treatment, they have the tools to carry on the healing for themselves in between appointments.

How do you customize holistic plans for individual client needs?

By listening to a client I can get to understand if they have a specific outcome goal, such as sleeping better or having more energy, or if what they need is to heal emotional trauma, perhaps from childhood, or an ‘imprinted’ energy as sometimes happens with unwelcome surgery.

From this, I will be able to guide my clients to the therapies that will help them, like a pathway.  For one person we might start with Reiki, and progress to a more involved shamanic healing, which will afford a permanent healing solution, while for another person a longer course of Reflexology will be much more suitable.

Whilst I guide and suggest what I feel will work best, it’s ultimately client-led so they can choose therapies they enjoy as well as feel benefit from. Also, I feel it’s important to never book a set number or spacing of appointments, it’s impossible and wrong to guess this, and we review how a person has been feeling since the last appointment to inform us when to arrange the next one for. I love that we are all different and that my therapies can be flexible to help people in a variety of ways.

How does the mind-body connection factor into achieving wellness in your practice?

I’m very much a believer in ‘symptom as symbol’; the body displaying our mental and emotional states, especially when we haven’t dealt with them. First came across this nearly 30 years ago when a healer recommended Louise L. Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ to me, understanding this, alongside the healing I received, literally changed my life, and altered my career path to becoming a healer myself.

Depending on how my client feels I will prioritize working on helping relieve symptoms so they feel they’re functioning better alongside, encouraging an understanding of how mind and emotions can create or exacerbate certain physical diseases. This provides very empowering insights so that clients can feel they are taking part in their own healing

What role does nutrition play in your holistic approach to health?

What we eat, and how it’s cooked and eaten greatly influences our wellbeing. Having a balanced diet of the macro-nutrients (fat, carbs, and protein), and micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) provides the body with what it needs but going beyond this and guiding a client with how to prepare and cook foods makes this practical and enjoyable.

When we eat with the seasons and our own body’s current ‘climate’  food makes a real difference, for example, long-cooked yang foods will help a person who tends to feel the cold feel warm, while cooling moistening foods are more likely to help a menopausal woman to reduce suffering with hot flushes and dryness.

I love this multi-layered approach to our diet as it’s so effective in easing symptoms and feeling well.

Can you share success stories from clients benefiting from your therapy?

A client came to me because she had been getting a lot of colds and feeling lousy, and frequent hayfever-type symptoms. Requesting reflexology and nutritional advice I provided these and recommended the Bach Flower Essence Crab Apple which helps with detox, and there seemed to be a significant improvement with less heavy sinus symptoms.

However, she contacted me again to say that now her face was filling up, mainly at night, but she didn’t have a cold nor was it hay fever season anymore, also a feeling like ‘butterflies’. We had a further consultation where I asked her more about life, and she opened up more about how she had an elderly relative whom she loves a great deal and there were constant feelings of what I’d call pre-empted bereavement, she feared and felt a great deal of sorrow for their ill-health, and emotions over something from the past.

The colds she’d had previously stopped her from being able to visit so frequently.  This time I carried out Reiki healing and provided the Bach Essence Red Chestnut, which helps with over-concern for others’ wellbeing, and Mimulus for fear of known origin.

We discussed how she wasn’t allowing herself to cry and process what she was feeling so her body was ‘doing’ the symptoms of weeping with watery eyes, runny nose, and feeling like her face was full.  She later told me that that night she let herself cry, which created a very full face and she felt worse for a short time, though emotionally better.

We continued with the Reiki combined with crystal healing (focussing on strengthening the Solar Plexus, and Base Chakras) for a few more sessions and the course of the Bach Essences, the last time we messaged she had a clear face and her eyes and nose were no longer running.


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