Gem Essences, Flower Essences, and Colour Essences - the vibrational healing of Crystal,  Plants, and Colour

What and Who are the Essences for?

Essences are suitable for anyone at any age and can even be used for plants and animals.

They are matched to emotional states, or the way we experience difficulties in life, to help counteract any negativity.  They can also be used in the same way as crystal healing or colour therapy, allowing you to have a 'dose' of the vibration of plant, colour or crystal whenever needed.

What are essences?

The essence is made by imparting the vibration or energy signature of the plant, colour, or crystal gem into water. This is then diluted and preserved - usually with alcohol. The ingredients therefore are typically brandy or vodka and water; there is no active ingredient of the plant or gem in the essence and there is no 'colouring' physical additive. The essence can be likened to being like a recording of music - no musical instruments are physically on an MP3, CD, or tape or  just the vibration pattern.

I make essences up to 'dosage' concentrate for you - ready to use in whatever is the most appropriate way. These are made either direct from 'stock' concentrate bottles of essences, which have been made in the same way Dr Bach made them or by making a 'mother tincture' direct from the energy of plant, crystal or colour.

Safety and Ingredients

The Essences are gentle and safe for anyone to use but if you have any concerns about ingredients please discuss this with me and I'll do my best to provide you with an essence in an acceptable form or way or taking it. There are no artificial additives or colouring in the essences.

How can Essences help?

Essences are designed to bring balance to emotions and body-mind connection, helping to transform emotions such as fear, pessimism, worry, or indecision into more helpful states of being.

Personality traits such as being fiery, shy, critical, or pessimistic may also be unhelpful and an essence can be used if any of these become dominant having a negative affect on us.

We may also develop feelings over time such as restlessness or vulnerability. Additionally life may throw things at us which are difficult to deal with and we may feel overwhelmed, lose our self-confidence or feel guilty. This could be anything from bereavement to exam nerves, to feeling unable to help someone. Essences can be matched with emotional-mental states in order to redress these feelings. The essences don't mask or suppress the feelings but counteract them by bringing out positive qualities.

What happens in an Essence session and how are the essences matched?

We'll discuss what you feel the problems are and I'll ask you questions about your lifestyle, general health, your outlook on life and so on. This will help me to find the most suitable essence or combination of essences for you. Other methods I use are similar to those used in a crystal healing session, such as dowsing. Afterwards it can be helpful and reassuring to briefly discuss the attributes of the essence/s and how it/ they relate to you.

How long and how much?

The length of time, method of taking an essence and how often it is taken varies from person to person and the most suitable can be determined for you. Benefit is obtained from small regular doses, there is nothing to be gained by taking more - big is definitely not better in the case of essences! For example a 'typical' dosage could be 3 or 4 drops in water 3 or 4 times a day.

Each Essence session takes an hour and essence bottles are charged for separately as you may already own a suitable essence from the Bach range. Each 10ml bottle holds enough for around one month's use.

Extra bottles or essences that you choose yourself can also be bought when you see me for any other treatment session or ordered by phone or email with post and packing being charged at cost.

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach created a collection of 38 tinctures in the 1930's which he called flower remedies. They were designed to match emotional and mental states such as fear, guilt or impatience with the intention of alleviating them. Physical conditions are thought to come from potentially destructive feelings, moods and thoughts. When the correct tincture is taken it's believed to encourage the body and mind to heal itself on all levels. Essences are also made with a wide range of resources including gems and crystals and colour vibration, and these are also used in energetic medicine. A full list of Bach Essences is available at the bottom of this page.

Five Flower Essence

Based on the original blend made by Dr Bach (which he named 'Rescue Remedy') this essence can be used for any kind of upset, before or after a distressing event or shock. Many people carry a bottle of this around with them as it's designed to bring calm quickly.

Bach range Flower Essences

The first line of text under the essence name is a possible 'negative' feeling while the second line refers to what the essence is said to bring about - the 'flip-side' of the negative - the positive.

Five Flower Essence

Based on the original blend made by Dr Bach (which he named 'Rescue Remedy') this essence can be used for any kind of upset, before or after a distressing event or shock..


Worry but putting on a brave face.
Inner peace, dealing with emotions


Fear of unknown origin., apprehension
Drawing on inner strength to have confidence to meet the unknown


Judgemental and critical, oversensitive
Tolerance and seeing the good in the world


Difficulty saying 'no', acting to please
Recognising one's own needs, helping others when appropriate


Self-doubt, dependence on advice of others
Self-confidence, trusting own intuition

Cherry Plum

Fear of losing control and possible consequences
Calmness, trust in self ability

Chestnut Bud

Emotional attachment to past, repeating patterns
Learning from experience, releasing the past


Self-pity, 'poor me', demanding
Able to love others, feeling fulfilled and secure


Day-dreaming, not fully participating in life
Enjoying life, 'down to earth'

Crab Apple

Poor self-image, feeling unclean
Acceptance of self, positive self-image


Overwhelmed when normally capable
Self Assurance, restored ability


Despondent, doubtful
Certainty, things can be overcome


Hopelessness, despair
Faith and courage


Preoccupied, intolerant, fear of being alone 
Selfless courage


Jealousy, revenge, suspicion, anger
Loving, sharing, compassionate


Nostalgic, homesick
Living in the present, and moving forward


Weary, unable to cope. Known fears
Strong and confidence to handle things


Impatient, irritated, tense
Gentle, less hasty, tolerant


No confidence, expecting failure
Self-esteem, capable determination


Fear of specific, known things, shyness
Bravery to face life without fear


Gloom, despair for no apparent reason
Clarity to find joy in life, emotional calm


Struggling on, persevering no matter what, may be exhausted
Recognising limitations, take time to rest or ask for help


Exhaustion mentally and physically after long period of strain
Restoration of interest and vitality of life


Guilt, self-reproach, apologetic
Self-acceptance and forgiveness

Red Chestnut

Worry, especially for others
Inner calm, trusting life

Rock Rose

Feeling of dread especially after trauma
Courage and calmness to face an emergency

Rock Water

Self-denial, rigidity, purist views
Flow and ease, broader understanding


Indecision, hesitation, can't choose, alternating moods
Balance, determination, certainty

Star of Bethlehem

Needing consolation after shock or bad news
Comfort and soothed

Sweet Chestnut

Desolation, mental anguish, sorrow
Courage, faith, beacon of hope


Overenthusiastic, wilful, always right
Calm, wise tranquillity


Overbearing, intolerance, needs obedience
Moderation, balance, encouraging rather than controlling


Difficulty adapting or oversensitivity to change
Move forward while staying on one's own path

Water Violet

Aloof, intensely private, self-reliant
Interacting warm to others

White Chestnut

Worry, mentally reliving unhappy events
Calm, clear mind capable of problem solving

Wild Oat

Lack of direction, uncertainty at cross-roads of life
Clear and positive, purposeful

Wild Rose

Disinterest, 'what's the use?', resignation
Joy, ambition, initiative


Bitter and resentful, life isn't fair
Acceptance, forgiveness, responsibility for oneself

Essences appointments available

  • Essence consultation 1 hour
  • Essence consultation with Reiki 1 ½ hours
  • Essence with (remote) consultation via on-line