Meditation and Guided Journeying


Relaxed Easy Meditation, on Wednesday 20th arrival from 10.40am to start at 11am, closing at 12 noon Booking essential. 

It is a mainly guided session so great for beginners and anyone wanting to relax  and feel calmer.

This won’t be one long continuous meditation, so don’t worry if you think you can’t concentrate for long.

Herb tea and filtered water provided.

The meditation is held in a warm space where you’ll be able to find a comfy seat or if you prefer lay down.  Cushions, pillows, mats and blankets are provided.

I'm planning for there to be a follow-on meditation session a fortnight later but each session is complete in itself.

Cost £8

The class size is limited to 6 so booking is essential with no pre-payment needed. (4 places left as at 13.03.19)

Please book by phone 01530 831 798

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to meditation and guiding you to journey or meditate you might like to skip straight down the page to that part, however, if you would like to meditate or relax more easily 'BUT...' then please read on or give me a call Call Cheryl 01530 831 798.

Here are reasons you might think meditation isn’t for you, (many of these I used to tell myself), maybe you have other reasons.  .

  • My mind is too busy / won’t switch off
  • I can’t empty my mind and think of nothing
  • Imagining fluffy clouds seems like a waste of time
  • I haven’t got time
  • I can’t sit still / with a straight back / cross legged
  • I’m not religious
  • I’m not spiritual
  • I am religious and I want to avoid esoteric or other religious themes
  • I can’t concentrate
  • My mind wanders
  • I’ve never done it before
  • I don’t have much experience
  • I feel annoyed when a guided meditation contradicts what I’ve already imagined
  • My body is too tense
  • I fall asleep
  • I can’t get to a regular class

Meditation is about focusing the mind, rather than emptying it.  When I tried meditation for the first time my mind did not just resist it ran in the other direction, with a dialogue of why I couldn’t do it and why it was ridiculous.  I felt annoyed and the teacher was terrible (of course).

In order to focus the mind we offer it something to concentrate on, this could be an object, simple movement, the breath, thought, sound, a word, or activity, this makes meditation easy to achieve.

Focusing the mind in meditation leads to feeling mentally and emotionally calmer during the meditation, and for a while afterwards.  When you first begin meditation this calmness may not last long.  To feel calm for longer increase how often meditation is engaged in.  This can be begun with a few minutes a day, perhaps beginning with 3 minutes while the kettle boils.  A regular or daily meditation will increase mental clarity and emotional stability.

Like physical exercise the more you do the more you can do.  Meditation gets easier to do, engaging in it for longer becomes very enjoyable, and feeling better generally when you’re not actively doing it.

I offer one-to-one meditation appointments and meditation classes.  Meditation can also be incorporated with other therapies; reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, or shamanic.

The meditation classes have a theme that I will take you on a journey through.  For beginners there is less time when I am not guiding you, so you are not left floundering or your mind picking up speed again about life’s concerns.

For one to one meditation I will discuss with you what you need, what will work best (and what might not - no point in taking a drifting boat down a gentle stream if you are terrified of water), and what you’d enjoy.  In a one to one meditation you’ll enjoy bespoke guidance as I gently talk you through a journey of physical relaxation, and guided imagery for mental and emotional tranquillity.  A tailored meditation can be especially appropriate if you have never tried meditation, don’t have much experience, or want to deal with something specific such as dissolving tension, improving concentration, or feeling more composed.

In a shamanic healing session I use a similar technique to guided meditation to help you visit certain realms or sacred buildings and lands.  There you can meet with those who can offer guidance, and impart wisdom; find your Power Animal; and heal relationships and begin to reconcile pain and trauma from your past.

I’ve personally found both meditation and journeying to be not only very enjoyable but also an integral part of my healing journey.